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Sri Sivakamasundari Ashtakam with English Translation


Life is a dream
Staff member
नृत्तराजसहधर्मचारिणीम् |
अद्रिराजतनयां दिने दिने
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || १ ||
I meditate every day on Sivakamasundari, residing in the centre of Pundarikapuram (Chidambaram), the consort of Nataraja, the daughter of Himavan, the king of Mountains. (1)

बाहुपद्म शुकवत्सशोभिताम् |
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || २ ||
I meditate on Sivakamasundari, who is worshipped by Devas like Brahma and Vishnu, whose lotus hand is adorned with a young parrot, whose children are Subrahmanya and Gajanana. (2)
वाञ्छितार्थफलदानतत्पराम् |
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || ३ ||
I meditate on Sivakamasundari, whose spiritual splendour is adored by Upanishads, who is intent on bestowing desired fruits, who is worshipped by sages like Suka, the son of Vyasa. (3)

देवराजमहिलादि संवृताम् |
दानवारिसहजां दयानिधिं
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || ४ ||
I meditate on Sivakamasundari, who is adorned in ornaments studded with divine gems; who is surrounded by devotees like Indrani; who is the sister of Vishnu, the enemy of Asuras; who is the treasure of compassion.

पञ्चबाणनिचयोद्भवेक्षणाम् |
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || ५ ||
I meditate on Sivakamasundari, Uma, the Supreme Devata in the Shodasi mantra, whose glance brought to life Manmatha, the wielder of five arrows, whose abode is in hall at the foot of Parijata tree. (5)

वाग्विलासफलदां विचक्षणाम् |
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || ६ ||
I meditate on Sivakamasundari, who is the source of the universe, who is pure and unsurpassed, who bestows the fruit of elegant speech, who is marked by splendour, whose locks look in colour like water bearing clouds. (6)

नाममन्त्रजपकृत् सुखप्रदाम् |
नाशहीनपददां नटेश्वरीं
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || ७ ||

I meditate on Sivakamasundari, whose spiritual glory is worshipped by Nandikesa; who bestows comfort on one who chants the mantras of her names; bestower of state which has no decay; Iswari of dance. (7)

सोमसूर्यहुतभुक् त्रिलोचनां
शर्वमोहनकरीं सुधीडिताम् |
सत् त्रिवर्ग परमात्मसौखदां
चिन्तयामि शिवकामसुन्दरीम् || ८ ||

पुण्डरीकचरणर्षिणा कृतं स्तोत्रमेतदघहं पठन्ति ये ।

पुण्डरीकपुरनायिकाऽम्बिका यच्छतीष्टमखिलं महेश्वरी ॥(9) ||
I meditate on Sivakamasundari, who has three eyes of Chandra, Surya and Agni; who enchants Siva; who is worshipped by the wise; bestower of the virtuous group of three objectives, Dharma, wealth and desire, and the Bliss of Paramatma. (8)
Those who chant this Stotra, which rids one of sins, written by Pundarikacharana Rishi, are blessed by Mother Sivakamasundari, the mistress of Pundarikapura, Chidambaram, the Supreme Iswari, with all that they desire. (9)

Translated: P. R. Kannan

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