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Sri Maha Rudram in Bangalore - proposal


By devine grace of kanchi periyava and Sringeri Jagadguru shankaracharya in my dream, it is a very preliminary planning to organize a Sri Maha Rudra Homam at Bangalore under one of the highly scholared & leading veda brahma Ganapatigal. (I am not mentioning his name presently, as I am not even consulted him)
As already mentioned, it's very premature stage and dreamed just a month back without having any clue that where & how it will go as I am not a knowledgeable or orthodox nor atheist. So as it's from devine gurus, I have a strong feeling that the ways will be opened on its own.
I was wondering about this & started taking seriously from last week to look into the expenses, ways and procedures. Worried about the cost involved as I am not into any organisation or association or having any facilities like temple or hall ... Etc except a Shasta prerthi group, that too as a silent trustee. Never been to any collection & was arranging my part from own earning. Suddenly the Divine instinct told me to limit the partcipation only to twelve families and share the expenses. The expenses will not be morethan 70k per family. (Even now I have no idea as my initial discussion with known people mentioned nothing less than 10 L to organize in Bangalore).
Just started talking to some people and unbelievably two families confirmed their partcipation hearing the planned name of the ganapatigal & their experience of his capacity (I owe the entire credit to the sadgurus as it's happenned like a dream for me and I am not even consulted the ganapatigal) so making the team of 3 family presently.
Thought I can share in this forum so any families interested to participate can keep in touch as I don't know what & why sadgurus wanted me to do this. But note that this is a very preliminary stage and proposal may take a back seat also. But whatever happens it will be as per his wishes of the almighty. I will not take it further if the budget cross beyond the instinct figure.
This Homam requires about 135 Ritwiks for parayanam and rudram recitation about 1452 with 121 chamakam. I don't have any clue as of now, organising locally is difficult and getting Ritwiks from outside cost very high on travel, stay ...etc, But a vision takes me through. Let it decides. Also guru mukhena trainees of Rudra parayanees from Bangalore can contact me for their volunteering in this action.
Knowledgeable seniors are welcome to express their guidance in this regard.

Hare Krishna


Well-known member
Good that you are organizing something beneficial.

But there is no acute need to go grand scale.

Its not quantity but quality finally.
Dear Srinivas

Am strongly impressed by your deep piety and determination to conduct a Maha Rudram in the foreseeable future. There will of course be impious sceptics and ignorant nay-sayers (who may not even be Brahmins), but these need not deter you at all.

Having participated in Maha Rudrams annually for the past decade and more, I suggest that your intended task is not so massive, formidable or expensive as you suppose. You seem to have budgeted for some Rs. 8,40,000.00 - 12 families contributing Rs 70,000 each. You estimate participants at some 135 ritviks plus one ganapaatigal.

My estimate is Rs 95,000, i.e. about 11.3% of your estimate, assuming the function lasts two half-days and requires 520 hours of chanting by 65 ritviks. The function should include Vinaayaka-puja, recitation of Ganesha Atharvasheersham and Mahaanyaasam on each of he two mornings, starting ar 7.15 a.m. We have achieved this in the past several years.

Should you obtain the co-operatiion and participation of a nearby Shivan, Vinayaka, Subrahmanya, Shaastha or even Amman temple, the venue problem is overcome and the hosts will not charge rent. You could ask your intended 12 patron-families to contribute Rs 8,000 each, instead of Rs 70,000 each. Other devotees can be invited to contribute, say, Rs 1,001 each to this worthy cause, thereby reducing your cost even further.

Only 11 ritviks will be performing the homam around a single homa-kundam. The other 54 will be chanting rudram and chamakam. The temple can provided palakais for the 11 homam performers and mats for the remaining 54 participants. The homam and chanting area will have to be cordoned off and restricted to participants only. Ritviks coming from outside Bangalore will have to fund/find their own transport, which will be a measure of their devotion and lack of greed. They can rest/sleep in the temple or its grounds, or find their own temporary accommodation for two days with relatives and friends. Your actual and realistic required expenses might be as follows:-

Veshti-uttareeyam for 65 ritviks & 1 ganapaatigal -- 66 x Rs 800.00 = 52,820.00

Lunch for 66 participants on 2 days -- 2 x 66 x Rs 30 = 3,960.00

Homa dravyam -- 11 x Rs 2,000 = 22,000.00

Incidentals & Miscellaneous 20% 15,756.00

94,536.00 (say Rs 95.000.00)

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification. Aasheervaahams. Ohm namah-shivaaya.

S Narayanaswamy Iyer
Dear Srinikam/Srinivas

Further to my e-mail to you of 26 Dec 2018 (which surprisingly you have not yet acknowledged), please note that if you decide to invite 135 ritviks instead of the minimum 65 suggested by me (assuming 35 are gruhasthas and 35 are brahmacharis), you might incur the following additional expenses:-

Veshti-uttareeyam for 35 gruhasthas ..... 35 x Rs 800 = 28,000.00
Mundu-uttareeyam for 35 brahmacharis .. 35 x Rs 400 = 14,000.00
Lunch for 70 participants on 2 days ..... 2 x 70 x Rs 30 = 4,200.00

i.e. an additional Rs 46,200.00, making a total of Rs 130,736.00 (say Rs.131,000.00) which is about 15.6% of your original estimate of Rs 840,000.00, to conduct the Maha Rudram. And if you think another 100 or so onlookers and family members of ritviks will need lunch on both days, you might incur another Rs 6,000.00, raising the total expenditure to Rs 136,736.00. (say Rs 137,000.00, which is about 16.3% of your estimated Rs 840.000.00).

May I add that it is not necessary to engage a ganapaatigal for the event. A simple shaasthrigal or kurukkal, or an elderly Veda-Braahmana (preferably one who can chant some Saama-veda manthrams) will be adequate. No gaanam will be recited at the function, but it would be nice to hear some Saama-veda manthrams before the final vasodara.

If you are really and truly serious about organising the event, please let me know. Thanks.

S Narayanaswamy Iyer


I start with my sorry for getting separated from this group for some time immediately as I was completely engaged as per guidance. Thanks for your valuable detailed information, Thanks to Sri Narayanaswamy Iyer for his valuable advice & appreciate if he text his contact details to discuss further & utilize his knowledge.

As mentioned earlier itself & believed that this is not an idea of mine. I strongly thought that the proposal is from Jagadgurus & was expecting the way forward from them itself. To my surprise all the things are falling on it's own without any problem & difficulties to me.

I had different instructions coming on its own & happening as such it is planned or someone doing magic. As guided I had approached some family, with some I have never interacted earlier & they also had divine interaction in some or other way, hence confirmed of their participation. Presently the participating team has increased to 8 as on date.

Presently this method is not to do any shortcuts & cutbacks but to do honestly as per their guidance. Also there is no cutting of Ritwiks or splitting the days, but trying everything to go in one shot in the same day, if possible including Prathyaksha GoDhaanam (awaiting the instructions, now a days there is no Ritwik maintain the cow, but wonder why I was instructed to think of Prathyaksha Godhaanam & without any major amount in my calculation)

Am sorry if someone feels I am exaggerating this, As I mentioned earlier am not a knowledgeable or associated with any religious organisation / system / Vedic cultured but a simple employee with limited time to god & pooja. Started feeling of somethings happenings beyond my control as I never ever had / remember of any dream in my life. so thought of sharing in this forum.

Hare Krishna


Dear Srinikam/Srinivas

Further to my e-mail to you of 26 Dec 2018 (which surprisingly you have not yet acknowledged),
S Narayanaswamy Iyer
Sorry, Just verified I am not received any mails yet. Request you to text me your number so we can discuss in detail & appreciate for your guidance.

Hare Krishna

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