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Sri ganapathy mangala malika sthotram

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Sri Ganapathi Mangala malika stotram
Removes brahmin curse and ketu dhosham in horoscope.(to be read in fridays
1.Srikanda prema puthraya  , Gowri vamanga vasine,

Dwathimsath roopa yiukthaya  , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

1.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   who is the darling   son of Lord Shiva  .

Who lives  on the left side  of Parvathi and who has thirty two   different forms.

2.Aadhi poojya devaya  , Dantha modhaka dharine  ,

Vallabha prana  kanthaya, , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

2.Auspeciousness to Ganesa    who is the God who is worshipped first ,

Who wears   elephant tusks   and Modhakas   and who is the darling husband of Vallabha.

3.Lambodaraya  SAnthaya  , Chandra garvapaharine,

Gajananaya  prabhave , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

3.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   who has a large paunch  , who is peaceful,

Who destroyed the pride of moon and who is the Lord   with the elephant   face.

4.Pancha hasthaya   vandhyaya  , pasangusa dharaya    cha  ,

SRimathe  Gajakarnaya , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

4.Auspeciousness to Ganesa ,who has five hands, who is worshipful,

Who carries   the rope and the goad   and  who and who rides on a  mouse andis the gentle God with  ears of an elephant.

5.Dwaimathraya  baalaya  , Herambhaya Mahathmane  ,

Vikatayukha vahaya, Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

5.Auspeciousness to Ganesa  , who is a lad with two mothers  ,

Who is the great one  staying close to Shiva

6,Prusni srunga  yajithaya  , kshipraabeeshtartha dhayine,

Sidhi budhi  pramodhaya , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

6.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   ,who sacrificed one of his tusks,

Who quickly gives the desired wealth and who is the joy of Sidhi and Budhi

7.,Vilambi yajna suthraya , Sarva vigna nivarine  ,

Dhoorvadalasapoojyaya , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

7.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   whose sacred thread hangs down,

Who removes  all obstacles and who is worshipped by leaf of Dhoorva grass.

8.Maha kayaya bheemaya , maha senagra janmane ,

Tripurai varo dhathre , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

8.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   Who has a very huge body  ,

Who was born before Lord Subramanyaya  and who had been given boons by Lord Shiva.

9.Sindhoora ramya varnaya, naga badhoodharaya  cha  ,

Aamodhaya  promodhaya  , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

9.Auspeciousness to Ganesa , who is of the red colour of Sindhoora ,

Who has stomach tied by a serpent  , Who cheers us up and is delighted

10.Vigna karthre   durmukhaya  , Vigna harthre   , Shivathmane  ,

Sumukayaika danthaya , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

10.Auspeciousness to Ganesa  , who creates obstacles  to those who show bad face  ,

Who removes obstacles  , who is the  soul of Shiva  , who has a pleasant face and one tusk.

11.Samastha guna nadhaya , vishnave  Dhooma kethave  ,

Trikshaya  phala chandraya , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

11.Auspeciousness to Ganesa, who is the lord of all good qualities,

Who is Vishnu , who  has smoke as his sign , who has three eyes and wears moon on his forehead 

12.Chathurtheesaya  manyaya , sarva vidhya pradhayine  ,

Vakra thundaya   kubjaya , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

12.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   , Who is gentle, who is the lord of Chathurthi ,

Who grants all type of knowledge  , who has a  curved tusk  and has a curved sword.

13,Thundine kapilakshaya  , sreshtaya   runa harine  ,

Udhandodhanda   roopaya , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

13.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   who is white , who has tawny coloured eyes,

Who is great, who removes debt  and is the prominent  among prominent.

14,Kashta harthre   dvidehaya  , bhaktheshta jaya dhayine  ,

Vinayakaya vibhave , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

14.Auspeciousness to Ganesa   , who destroys sufferings, who has two bodies ,

Who gives the victory desired by devotees   and is the Lord who removes obstacles.

15.SAchidananda roopaya, nirgunaya   gunathmane  ,

Vatave  Loka guruve , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

15.Auspeciousness to Ganesa  who has form of divine joy,

Who is without o properties , Who is soul of properties , Who is a Brahmachari   and teacher of the world.

16.Sri Chamunda suputhraya  , prasanna vadanaya  cha  ,

Sri Raja raja sevyaya  ,  , Sri Ganesaya  Mangalam,

16.Auspeciousness to Ganesa  , who is the son of Chamunda  ,

Who   has a pleasant face   and who is served by emperors.

17,Sri Chamunda k krupa pathra Sri Krishnendra nirmithaam,

Vibhoothi mathruka ramyam  , kalayana aiswarya   dhayinim

17 This is written by  Sri Krishnendra   who has received  the mercy of Chamunda,

And has been written prettily by her grace   , who grants auspiciousness  and wealth

18.Sri Maha gana nadhasya   shubham mangala  malikam  ,

Ya padeth sathatham  Vanim, Lakshminm  Sidhim  aapnuyath.

18.This garland of auspiciousness   to the  the great leader of Ganas,

If read would help you to make your own the power  of Saraswathi and Lakshmi
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