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Spirituality and Technology for Self and Socio economic development

In making an impact on society two approaches are possible: bottom up and top down, the first starts from self and the latter from the government and that level. The former however is time consuming as large structures can keep putting pressure and obstacles not making improvement of self possible while the latter that is making companies and governments etc work needs a lots of force and intelligence.

This requires a very fine balancing act, lots and lots of patience and keeping up hope and fine tactics and strategizing. You need to be someone to make yourself count. So firstly there has to be public recognition among people and then hopefully support. And then it has to sustain.

The progress should be spontaneous and preferably imperceptible and subconscious at least for a good part. If culprits sense something not right it may boomerang. Finally you need to better them and beat them in their own game though operating one mach higher.

Lets see. I subconsciously not knowing today is Narasimha Jayanthi and Vaikasi Visakam wrote this message. All said and done without divine support not a nanometer of anything will move. I am banking on a plenty of that.
More update with theory on time travel and teleportation added. It may be possible to travel to yesterday or day after tomorrow after all! Will keep you updated.

Here is my updated spiritual technology website


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