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Socio-Politico-Economic Model

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I give below my views on what social, political and economic model that India needs to follow if the success of its model is to endure.

I firmly believe in the philosophy that an integrated approach of various spheres such as the social, political, economic has to be adopted if the policies in these areas are to be visionary.

If one analyzes the problems in these spheres deeply, one can then proceed to develop a lasting solution. I would say that as far as the political sphere is concerned it gives opportunities for people to satisfy their greed and pride and hence attracts the wrong people. Similarly the business and economic sphere though rightly attracts people who have a strong desire to succeed financially unfortunately lack proper visionary guidance as to what projects will constructively help the country and such things and much more moves in a retrogressive direction than moving and taking the country forward.

Thus the existence of a wrong political model gives rise to a flawed economic model and creates a wrong social order. The solution in my opinion is to think of them in a unified way and create a whole and so an enduring solution.

Let me start first with who should qualify as the political class. These people should ideally do the job of the raja gurus of the past and should sketch the vision for the country. They should be the ones who think in terms of vision and ones who do not show inclination for amassing wealth and comforts. These people are rewarded from the status they receive from guiding a country and in deriving satisfaction from the success of their vision. So these are the people who are satisfied by loftier and nobler things.

The business, bureaucrat and scientific community should be the ones who are very analytical, innovative and risk taking. It is ok if especially the business class are driven by greed but that greed should be properly channelized by the visionary political class. This class is like the royal classs of the past but instead of war exploits, the exploits are in the spheres of finance and innovation in general because these define the strength of the nation in the present day.

Then we have those who take care of the short term tasks and who need to be street smart and then the ones who can do hard work.

This would seem to separate the society in to distinct classes and may sound eerily similar to the ancient social order. But the difference is anyone can apply and compete for any position without any restriction. Actually this would also act as a curative for the negative afflictions of the caste system practice of the past as people who were in the past branded as a shudra by caste can now well serve in the highest class and get rid of any existing rancour or ill will
Thus this would pave way for a healthy social order

In summary the political class would be driving the vision, the business and scientific class would be driving the innovation and the rest would be involved in the day to day operations. Anyone is free to compete for any position though one has to qualify for a position.

It seems to me that the U.S has this model upto a certain level, the difference being their political class is not truly driven by higher goals but more nation centric.
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It seems to me that the U.S has this model upto a certain level, the difference being their political class is not truly driven by higher goals but more nation centric.

Dear Sravna,

Is there any country in the world that is not thinking of only their nation?

I feel every country is Nation Centric.

Indians themselves are Nation Centric..read any Indian website you will hear many say "The day must come where India will be the super power and rule the world and be an example to the rest of the world economically and spiritually"

I am not saying its wrong..its just to motivate people just like Swami Vivekananda's wake up call "Arise! Awake!"

Right now in the world there is NO country that is driven by higher levels...no one is thinking on lines of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam..everyone does not mean it when they recite 'Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu"

It should be changed to 'Mama Kutumbam Eva Sukhino Bhavantu" everyone is thinking of their family and themselves..even to have National Integration in some countries is next to impossible becos people cant seem to think beyond their communities.

As for now Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam only seems to be the Zee TV channel which uses that Slogan to denote their world wide coverage.
Since politics is the driving force of the nation , it should be populated by economists and social thinkers to bring the necessary inputs for good of society . Unless there is

a radical change in politicians and the type of politics they do , a meaningful socio economic model is unlikely to emerge.
Hi Sravna,

Sorry to say, all these are pipe dreams, which will never come true. Only way to solve this issue is – abolish the Govt – move to Zero Govt.

No Govt = No Political parties = No Nuisance = No Circus – LOL !!!

Privatize everything except for defence/foreign affairs which will be run by elected representatives but not belonging to any political parties – let private bodies like BCCI manage the governance with some public oversight.

Before people go on a world trip talking about corruption in BCCI, private sector etc – private sector delivers results, govt delivers negative results – they take the country backwards!! – LOL !~!

Always judge by the result… so privatization is the only formula to turn around this country !!

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In short, you have to replace all "unpad gawars" with highly educated, highly qualified & experienced professionals if you want results !!. that can happen if you privatize everything, coz private companies will hire the professionals to deliver the work !!
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