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Skanda shasti

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From 18th of this October, Kanda shasti starts. Why dont we have a look on it.

1. Shasti is the faavourite thithi of murugan and his consort devasena is known as "Shasti devi", who is involved in curing Baalarishtams of children and also the shakti of murugan in providing blessings to his devotees.

2. Murugan is the only god, who has filled with all the three shaktis.
Iccha sakthi- Valli; Kriya sakthi- Devasena; and Gnana sakthi- the Velayudham. Valli is the creator of thoughts. She made even murugan mad to get desire on her. That is the power of Iccha. Devasena is Kriya- the power to do. Since, she acted as a invisible power in the group of warriors of devas (DEVASENA), they won in the battle with soora. She thus defined to be kriya. Gnana- the Vel is the main shakti of muruga, since it was given by mother parvathi ( it kills the demonish thoughts and "VEL" itself can be worshipped separately as a god).

3. Many scholars find similarities between muruga and rama, and say that on seeing the familiarity of vaishnava ramayana, saivites have developed this. But, Skandapurana is there which is much much earlier by ages. (R. P. Sethupillai- Villum velum- a perfect comparison between ram and murugan).

4. What actually the sura samhara tells us?
The sura takes the form of a mango tree, With the Velayudam, murgan kills him and splitted into cock and peacock. The actual philosophy behind this is, the ahankara is the progeny of maya (note here the mother of sura is also "Maya"). It will take several forms. You cannot just like that destroy it. Only with the help of gnana, you can kill ahankara and finally you can surrender yourself totally into the lotus feet of god. Vel- The whole gnana sakthi has defeated (not killed) the ahankara thatva (Soora) and made relief to devas (the good thoughts of our mind). The demonish thought has been now splitted into cock and peacock. Each and every bird has their own previlage in our custom. Cock is the one which tells us that the sun is going to rise. Similarly, the cock which got splitted from soora shows us the dawn is not so far, if you wake up (I mean if you follow the right way of praying muruga, your dawn is reaching soon). Similarly, peacock dances when rain is about to come. This peacock splitted from soora initiate us that, the blessings of muruga is about to shower like rain and you can rejoice in that well.

5. Murugan- He is known as "TAMIZH KADAVUL". Mu- the 'ma'- kara; Ru- the 'ra'-kara; and Ka- the 'ka'- kara. This is a blend of Vallinam, Idaiyinam and Mellinam of tamil alphabets. Since, he has owned all the "INAMS", there is no inams (castes) for him to worship. He crossed the inams by holding everything with him.

6. Murugu- youthness. Murugan is actually showing the secret of how to be youth always. I just want to remember you the somaskanda moortha. (Saha+ uma+ skanda). It means shiva is with uma and skanda. Skanda means who has in between. the idol of skanda in somaskanda will be very very young like a child in between shiva and parvathi. If you think of shiva and parvathi always you will get immersed in love and divinity and you will never get aged. It is the combo of sat+ chit+ anada= where muruga is shown to be the symbolification of anandha.

7. SIX FACES- Eesana, thatpurusha, agora, vamadeva, satyojadha faces of sadhasiva
the 'Adho' face of uma. From these six faces, shanmuga born. Though he has directly born from shiva, the visionary power of "uma" (Nethra diksha) is also there blended.

Six abodes- thiruparangundram, thiruchendur, thriutthani, Pazhani, Swamimalai and pazhamudhirsolai

Six letter mantra- sa ra va na ba va

six chakras- mooladhara, swathistana, manipooraka, anahada, visuddhi, agna

Like this, for muruga everything is six. So, if we worship him in this shasti am sure we all will get his blessings in a easier way.

Simple way: Recite kanda shasti kavasam. Recite one thirupugazh a day atleast. Visit temples nearby in these 6 days. Help others as much as possible. Thats more than enough to get his blessings.


Dear Durga,

Thanks. Excellent compilation. Keep it up.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Very good, Durgadasan.

One more point. Murugan is called Tamizh Kadavul because, just like the word Tamizh, the word Muruga also contains all the inams (groups of sounds). Only one difference. In Tamizh, vallinam, mellinam and idaiyinam figure in the same order. In Muruga, mellinam, idaiyinam and vallinam figure in a changed sequence.
Thanks a lot soundarrajan sir, ramani sir and Pannvalan sir.

This is a song on vallidevi (composed by myself today). I dont know much about the ragas and all. Anyhow, anyone can sing this as per their wish. SHRI VALLI NAMAHA
இச்சாசக்தி ரூபிணி வள்ளி தேவி- என்
இச்சைகள் யாவும் தீர்ப்பாய் வள்ளி தேவி (இச்சா)

பச்சாதாபம் கொண்டே பாலகன் என்னை நீயும்
மெச்சி எடுத்தணைத்தே ஆதரிப்பாயே அம்மா (இச்சா)

அச்சோ என்மேல் இன்னும் பாராமுகமும் ஏனோ
ஆதிசக்தி கருணை அவளவுதனோ
பச்சை மயில் மேல் ஏறும் பாலமுருகன் தேவி
நிச்சயமாய் அருள நேரம் இதுவே அம்மா (இச்சா)

Dear Durga,

The song is very good. Seems you have the potential to write lyrics. Keep it up, including posting them in this thread, pls.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Respected Sirs,

It is something like, "Avan arulale avan thaal vanangi" "Pratheepa jwalapir diwasakara neeranjana vidhi:". Anyhow, will continue to post my songs. Thanks a lot for your appreciation.
"Sakthi" in Sanskrit is a synonym for Tamil "Vel".Sri.Parvathi,when heard that her second son sri.Murugan is gonig to fight the Asuras -Soora Padman,Simhavakthran and Taarakaasuran,She thought it was beyond His capacity(Mother's concern) and converted a mjor portion of her "Sakthi" into a spear="Vel" and gave it to Him,which He used to slain Sooran.
The special occassion of skanda sashti is "sooranukku peruvazhvu alithal". In the sthalam, Sikkal, the swami singaravelar gets his "Velayudam" from his mother "neelnedunganni ammai", before going to the warfront. Even today, while getting the "vel" the idol of murugan will sweat and everyone can see that. Onlt at that time it happnes.
Sikkal is also a thevara sthalam, located near nagapattinam.

Dear Durga,

Your posting about Murugan at Shashti time is topical and thoughtful and thanks pls.
Sikkil is an excellent murugan sthalam. 'Sikkalil vel vAngi Senthuril samhAram' is a famous quote. Near this place, ENkaN, Ettukudi etc. are the other Murugan sthalams in this Nagapattinam belt.
I am plannng to post the history of the statue of Murugan in three places in this belt shortly.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Respected Soundarrajan sir

I too heard of the story of the sculptor who created all these three murugan idols. One thing is we cannot imagine the beauty of those. (Azhagendra solluku muruga...Perfectly suits). Even I heard that, with utmost perfection the stone peacock started flying with the idol, then the sculptor threw his hammer which made a demark in the idol. I am eager to see that story again from you sir...

Skandha Shasti was performed with a lot of bhakthi and Sraddha in Flushing(New York) Hindu Temple with about 25 devotees taking "Kavadi" and about 60 peple taking "Paal Kkudam'.Elaborate Abhishekam and Alamkaaram were performed.
Wow. Very good. Lord murugan apart from malaysia started extending his territory even in newyork... (ofcourse he is there everywhere). Why dont Somayaji sir include some pics so that we people can see and enjoy the same???
My wife and I celebrated days 2 and 3 of Skanda Shasti in a small Murugan temple in Vancouver, Canada, while on pilgrimage there. Then when we arrived back home we again went to our local Ganesha temple for the final night. The energy was scintillating at both places. So indeed Murugan worship has spread all about.

Aum Namasivaya
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Today evening is Sri.DevayavDurgadasan:-(quote)-Why dont Somayaji sir include some pics so that we people can see and enjoy the same???(en-quote)

Yes I wish to do.But my knowledge of computr operation is very limited.I do not know how to load the photos,Ihave taken in internet.

A leading Gynaecologist (Tamil Brahmin Lady) is the President of the Flushing temple.A leading Cardiologist (Telugu brahmin lady) personally prepares Pushpa Harams with her own hands(ofcourse helped by other ladies) and supervise the Alankaram--Swamimalai Kumara Sivachariar does the Pushpa Alangaram.It has taken 90 minutes to complete the Alankaaram.Today(Sunday) evening 7.15 p.m.is sri Devayanai-sri.Murugan marriage.

Sri.Durga Dasan may be surprised to know that Tamil people who went to Surinam,New-Gunea(South America) 100 years back(sri.Subramanya Bharathiyar's song-"Karumbu Thottatthilay") ,now settled in USA have a seperate Hindu temple(at Brooklyn)-NY) and they observe fasting for 6 days before Skandha Shasti.They do not know how to speak Tamil but their names are all Tamil names--Latchmi--Usha--Uma--Prof.Shanthi-my wife used to explain to them about "Aaru Padai Veedu" etc and they used to listen with rapt ateention.-many of their boys are in USA-West-Indies Junior Cricket Team(Marine Park team-NY)
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