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Silence is louder than words


Well-known member
As our nation battles the elections, there are so many cracks and fault-lines: from the hilly east to the desert-defined west. And no one seems to be screaming, “Show me the programme!”

The programme that can offer real solutions for real Indians, whose thatched homes are cracked and dry, whose LPG cylinders lie empty for months and whose staple dal-rice-veggie combo, is often way beyond their means.
From Amethi to Kolkata, the rhetoric is so strong and full-throated. Priyanka Gandhi, who has been media-branded as a star-campaigner, was heard asking: “Those who had promised to give 2 crore jobs, ask them where are the jobs? Where are the 15 lakhs they promised in your bank accounts?”

Where is the programme? Moreover, where are the jobs, and in which sector of the economy?

For the grand old party that is Congress, MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005) has been, and will be, their best bet. How come there is complete silence on MGNREGA and its power to put wages in real hands?

As Prof Jean Dreze has explained time and again, employment guarantee under MGNREGA is just the right to do unskilled labour for a subsistence wage. Even though dignified and well-remunerated employment may still be a distant dream, MGNREGA has been a transformative Act. In the interim budget of 2019, presented by interim finance minister Piyush Goyal, Rs 60,000 crore was allocated for this key scheme, up from Rs 55,000 crore of the last budget. And no marks for guessing which states in India have the best record for MGNREGA.

If UP’s utilisation of MGNREGA funds is half that of West Bengal, why is it not a full-bodied election campaign of not just the Congress, but also Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party?



Well-known member
Congress and gatbhandan are dong the right thing. The devastation from demo and GST is so vast, people are outraged against the centre. So keep the focus on the centre govt and its failures and effectively collect the anti centre votes.

NO point in saying, MNREGA is doing a great job when it covers only a certain rural section of the people. And remember, in india, no scheme by govt ever gets delivered well on ground.


Well-known member
India"s strength is in its manpower both skilled and unskilled.

Unless there are large projects to harness these and put them to productive use, the youth can become restive

and if there is no safety valve to release their emotions it will lead to violence in society.

Schemes like MNREGA and NYAY are treated only as doles and can be temporary fix to postpone the issue of

unemployment of educated youth.

It would require a major attempt to create large scale employment for all. It may require an economic wizard to

turn india around.

A fresh bout of economic thinking to plan absorption of all youth after graduation in univ in various sectors of

economy. No classical economic theory can help to find a solution .

So far it has been a meaningless growth with cooked up figures to show india is shining.Unless there are smiles

on the faces of the unemployed, growth is meaning less

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