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Significance of Clay Sri Vinayaka Idol

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Significance of Clay Sri Vinayaka Idol


Idol Worship

Idol is a support for the neophyte. It is a prop of his spiritual childhood. A form or image is necessary for worship in the beginning. It is an external symbol of God for worship. It is a reminder of God. The material image calls up the mental idea. Steadiness of mind is obtained by image worship. The worshipper will have to associate the ideas of infinity, omnipotence, omniscience, purity, perfection, freedom, holiness, truth, omnipresence. It is not possible for all to fix the mind on the Absolute or the Infinite. A concrete form is necessary for the vast majority for practising concentration. To behold God everywhere and to practise the presence of God is not possible for the ordinary man. Idol worship is the easiest form of worship for the modern man.

A symbol is absolutely indispensable for fixing the mind. The mind wants a prop to lean upon. It cannot have a conception of the Absolute in the initial stages. Without the help of some external aid, in the initial stages, the mind cannot be centralised. In the beginning, concentration or meditation is not possible without a symbol.

Everyone an Idol-Worshipper

There is no reference to worship of idols in the Vedas. The Puranas and the Agamas give descriptions of idol-worship both in the houses and in the temples. Idol-worship is not peculiar to Hinduism. Christians worship the Cross. They have the image of the Cross in their mind.

The Mohammedans keep the image of Kaaba stone when they kneel and do prayers. The people of the whole world, save a few Yogis and Vedantins, are all worshippers of idols. They keep some image or the other in the mind.

The mental image also is a form of idol. The difference is not one of kind, but only one of degree. All worshippers, however intellectual they may be, generate a form in the mind and make the mind dwell on that image.

A gross mind needs a concrete symbol as a prop or Alambana; a subtle mind requires an abstract symbol. Even a Vedantin has the symbol OM for fixing the wandering mind.

Hinduism leads the aspirants gradually from material images to mental images, from the diverse mental-images to the one Personal God, and from the Personal God to the Impersonal Absolute or the Transcendental Nirguna Brahman.

Each step marks a stage of progress. The human soul makes different kinds of attempts to grasp and realise the Infinite or the Absolute according to his strength or degree of evolution. He soars higher and higher, gathers more and more strength, and eventually merges himself in the Supreme and attains oneness or identity.

Why Sri Vinayaka Idol is made of Clay ?

There are references in the Purans (mythological texts) thatGanapati was created from grime. Hence it is appropriate to use a Ganesh idol made of mud for ritualistic worship. The pure spiritual particles (pavitraks) of Ganapati get attracted to a greater extent towards an idol made of mud than to that made of plaster of Paris.

The clay idol is symbolic of the human body composed of the five elements. It should spend time on the earth in a manner that it is worshipped! After its worshippable stay on the earth, it finally merges back with the elements. Though the idol is gone, Ganesha lives forever! And that story is the same for the true being, the soul, too. It is in this spirit and fervor that the immersion is celebrated all over India Reg various types of Idols, the present day youth may appreciate it, but Sri Gamesha is to be made only by clay as it is symbolic of human body.

Clay and water is mixed to give form to the formlessness. Each person brings Ganesha in clay idol form into the home. This is the Supreme Being arriving at home. After the celebrations, it is time to accept the eternal cosmic law that which took form has to become formless again. It is a never ending cycle (Chakra).

The formlessness giving way to form and then moving again towards formlessness. Each year Ganesha arrives to teach us that forms change but the Supreme Truth remains the same. Body perishes but Brahman residing in it remains constant. This body becomes energy for another but the source of energy is the same. Bliss is achieved when we realize this.

The act also symbolizes the concept of Moksha, or liberation, in Hinduism. Osho says – ‘Absolute unclinging. That is what is meant by Moksha – freedom – no clinging, not even to gods.’ Thus we create Ganesha out of clay, worship it and later it is submerged (Visarjan).

இந்த உலகம் தண்ணீர் துப்பிய துண்டு. அதாவது கடலில் மூழ்கி இருந்த உலகம் கொஞ்சம்,கொஞ்சம்மாக நீர் வடிய,வடிய வெளியே வந்ததுதான் இந்த தரைப்பகுதி.இதுவும் பல்லாண்டுகளுக்கு ஒரு முறை கடலால் உட்கொள்ளப்பட்டு வேறு ஒரு தரைப்பகுதி மேலே வரும்.இந்த உலகம்மானது இந்த கடல் விட்டுவைத்த மிச்சம்.இது கடலில் மறையக்கூடியது.அழியக்கூடியது.இதை உணர்தவே விநாயகரை கடலில் கரைக்கும் பழக்கம் வந்தது.

உலகம் மண்.அதனால்தான் வேறு எந்த வழிபாட்டிலும் இல்லாதபடி களிமண்ணே விநாயகராக வழிபடப்படுகிறது.பூமிதான் சாமி,சாமிதான் பூமி.இது விநாயகர் வழிபாட்டின் நுட்பம்.கடலில் இருந்து வெளிபட்டு நாம் வாழ வழி வகுக்கும் மண்[பூமி]கட்லில் மீண்டும் மறையும் என்பதை உணர்தவே களிமண் கணேசரை கடலில் கரைக்கும் முயற்சி.

கடல் இல்லாத ஊர்களில் குளங்களில்,ஏரிகளில்,குட்டைகளில் கரைப்பது மரபு.அந்த விநாயகர் தலையில், வயிற்றில், நெற்றியில்,காசை வைத்து கரைப்பது ஒரு சமூக சிந்தனை.அதாவது ஏரி குளம் வற்றும் போது இந்த காசுகளை எடுக்க கூடை கூடையாக மண்ணை வெளியில் கொண்டு வந்து கொட்டுவார்கள்.இதனால் ஏரி,குளம் ஆழம்மாகும்.மழை காலத்தில் நீர் பிடிப்பு அதிகம்மாகும்.உழைத்தவனுக்கு காசு கிடைக்கும்.





Sri Sathya Sai Baba Discourses

"திரு.சுகி.சிவம் தன்னுடைய நினைப்பதும் நடப்பதும் புத்தகத்தில்


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[h=2]Sculpting an idol is superior to using a mould[/h] Nowadays, idol making houses have taken the form of a vocation to earn money rather than considering it to be a holy mission or art. The Ganesh idols are made using a mould so that they can be made available for sale faster, merely keeping a commercial angle. However as far as possible, a readymade mould should not be used. The reasons for this are as follows. When making the idol manually, idol makers get an excellent opportunity to exhibit their artistic skill and consequently they obtain satisfaction. Besides, sculpting the idol generates more spiritual emotion (bhav) in the sculptor and such an idol is more sattvik (sattva predominant). From a sculptor's viewpoint, the amount of spiritual emotion generated when sculpting the idol is more important than making the idol artistic and attractive. Hence as far as possible idol makers should make idols manually. Sanatan's perspective too is 'Art for God realisation and not merely art for the sake of art or as business'.

[h=2]The idol should have a religious background[/h] Many a time, scenes related to politics, the Kargil war, etc. are erected around the idol. Such rajatama items erected merely for public entertainment and cheap popularity adversely affect the overall sattvik atmosphere there. If at all any scenes are to be displayed in front of or behind the idol of Shri Ganesh or other idols are to be kept there then they should be associated with Lord Ganapati. This helps to generate spiritual emotion (bhav) in the devotees.

[h=2]Idols should not be huge[/h]

Since 1980, there has been a considerable increase in the number of huge idols used in the Ganesh festival celebrations. Prior to that, the idols were made upto a maximum height of 5 feet. Nowadays idols of 11, 21, 51 feet height are made.


I guess people making the moorties and people pontificating do not talk to each other.
Then what about the moorties being imported from China?


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[h=2]Making idols considering it to be a holy mission[/h] The idol maker should harbour the spiritual emotion (bhav) that it is not he who is making the idol rather it is The Lord Himself who is getting it done through him. He should repose faith that making idols is not a vocation but a holy mission. When an idol is made with this faith and with repeatition (chanting) of The Lord's Name along with observance of all the restrictions given above, it becomes more sattvik (sattva predominant).
'Since I made the idols considering it to be a holy mission, I always got all my promotions in service at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi itself. Although there are numerous obstacles yet by the time the idols of Shri Ganesh are to be made, they get resolved and by the grace of Shri Ganesh who eliminates obstacles, only auspicious events take place during this period.' – Mr. Tulshidas Naik, Madgaon, Goa

In no company including MNC have 30 levels, if Tuslidasji gets promotion every year he must be ?????. So was it satvic to tell a story?


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Worship anything in your own way,let others do what they want. Your God is no better than my God. Do not impose your way of worshiping and denounce or belittle other's way of worship.


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The eco-friendly and the green Ganesha campaign might receive a lukewarm response this year too, said sources from the Buddha Purnima wing of HMDA.
Every year the HMDA used to distribute 8-inch clay idols at a subsidised price of Rs 10-15, but it has been withdrawn this year.“The Ganeshas will be sold for Rs 26 as there are not many manufacturers. Also, the middlemen involved are making the process of acquiring clay Ganeshas tougher,” said a source.Currently, the department has a stock of nearly 30,000 clay Ganeshas and more are expected to be sourced in the next 10 days. On one hand there is not enough space for manufacturers and on the other, there are only five major manufacturers.Clay Ganesha’s of 4-5 feet were priced at Rs 3,500 and above last year. This year’s prices are yet to be known. On Facebook, eco-friendly Ganesha kits are priced at Rs 500 and above.While government initiatives and awareness has been low, NGOs and individuals are trying to organise clay idol-making classes.However, NGOs have a niche audience and it is not possible to take up these initiatives at a large scale unless the government is involved too, said sources.

One management institute here has organized a workshop on making clay vinayakar. The workshop will cover, making the murti, decoration and worship, immersion, and how to do puja. Though participation is by registration and fees, and no course credits, most of the students have registered.
The gentleman got his promotion in service at the time of Ganesh chatuthi and not at every ganesh chaturthy. Where is the mention of 30 levels.

Perhaps his employer too decided execution on ganesh chaturthi. Many companies announce increments, promotions and bonus on special festival days. Faculties take a spin when intent is to ridicule.

'Since I made the idols considering it to be a holy mission, I always got all my promotions in service at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi itself. Although there are numerous obstacles yet by the time the idols of Shri Ganesh are to be made, they get resolved and by the grace of Shri Ganesh who eliminates obstacles, only auspicious events take place during this period.' – Mr. Tulshidas Naik, Madgaon, Goa

In no company including MNC have 30 levels, if Tuslidasji gets promotion every year he must be ?????. So was it satvic to tell a story?

Janaki Jambunathan

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You see 2 pilliyar and 2 moojur - The biggar one purchased The smaller one and 2 moojuur were made by me just before pooja Every year I make them

To day is sankadahara Chathurthi and I am making Sundal for distribution in the local pillaiar koil


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