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self reliance - viable business ideas for TBs

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this thread, i hope, we will come up with ideas for business start ups.

personally, i think, the best and only way to prosperity and dignity, is to be self reliant.

what more encompasses social autonomy than being your own boss, and even better, provide employment to others.

the ideas must be simple and viable.

to start off, we have been good cooks. i do not know about the tamil brahmins, but us kerala brahmins have branched out to setting up eateries all over andhra, including their smallest towns.

i am quite sure that our cuisine sells by itself. we may need to tone up our business sense and even more, our concept of public sanitation. but these can be overcome.

i understand that idly/vadai/dosai is increasingly popular in the north. maybe there are townships over 100,000 where a vegetarian south indian food may be a viable business?

the public here, would do well to advise, some of our penurious youths, about the potential opportunities.

also, other types of businesses - eg. accounting services, private schools or janitorial services.

many new office buildings are coming up. a cafetaria in these places, is a cash cow.

i think, i will finish here, for starters... and continue, based on how much interest this thread invokes.

thank you.
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I think it is a good idea to be self reliant. In the days to come and for the coming generations it will be difficult even to find a seat to continue their education, leaving alone getting a job. Of course, so far the private sector has not been affected as it still gives some importance to merit. Having said that, there are many among us who can lend our hands to help those in need amongst us. I am NOT talking in terms of monetary help. People amongst us who are holding responsible positions either in public or private sector, can help to find out jobs / entrepreneurship to those youth, young girls and boys who don't know where to go? We can have community groups who can take even vocational education, free of cost to those in need in our community. Every community takes care of the needy among them. Perhaps we need to do more. Not that we should not help any other community people in need. But the needy people among TBs don't get timely help when needed.
Indeed an epochal topic, Shri.Kunjuppu!! and its definitely of my academic interest too.

If I were to say........ 'Unlike Brahmin counterparts, TB's are damn ego-centric craving to win-over others with useless arguments & bloated egoes, and are least bothered about making fabulous fortunes..hmm! (OR) May be because,most of our school days non-detailed story books/comprehensions...which always started with 'Once there was a poor brahmin lived in village.' (Or), even for few minutes,dont want to face the front row seat of Calvary,for becoming an entrepreneur. Im sure, some fiery members will now be rushing to put their boots on,to work out their war-room strategies, for cornering me here. So,cautiously, I seek apologies in advance here!!

There was an interesting article written by Shri.Nacchinarkiniyan, mentioning about 'Nanchil Nadu Brahmins''.. I must have read all those III parts, 4-5 times.

He says,""slowly many Brahmins became rich due to their trading skills
and Money Lending in which their only competitors were the


Banking and accounting was/is the forte of TB's. Majority of the senior staff's in nationalised banks esp SBI across the country are still TB's.But, where all those enterprising skills mentioned by Shri.Nacchinarkiniyan gone, whereas, the NajilNadu churches still operate lot of small small community banks and are generating very good employment for their community.

Shouldnt one convert the knowledge acquired in a work place and make it entrepreneurial,and help fellow men by offering jobs? How other communities could build a 'Mercantile Bank /IOB/or Karur Vysya Bank, inspite of them traditionally not having any exposure to accounting knowledge? How long one can rely on the accounts/clerical jobs, when Banks are chucking out humans and going e-way.Off course, there is an opportutunity for top class banking jobs, but what about the jobs for average middle class.

This is the problem, when one views every thing under the sun with talent/merit,carefully forgetting the 'social aspect'. If banks go e-way,yes top talented jobs could still be occupied, but what about the middle class and poor TB.. They would naturally get pushed down in the merit race (within the own community),cos the 'social aspect' is neglected.. A bit of gyan here..

Teaching was/is TB's forte.. Yes, TB's found good place in IIT as eminent professors..But, during liberalization of 'Proff Engg colleges',missed out this great opportunity to start one. Many a guys, who had not even passed SSLC started one Engineering college in TN out of a cowbarn or garage with the bank loans....Possibly, the old bank manager who had helped him with the loan might be another TB too. I think NB's are very much open and broad minded to learn/copy from TB's or others. The best filter coffees are now available in Saravana Bhavan.Im sure, just for argument sake, 100 Anthony Bourdaines would pop up now, to refute me here !!

Similarly,if one looks in to the counterparts 'GSB's of Mangalore,they have founded the top banks like Canara Bank,Syndicate Bank and corporation bank. We identify ourselves with Idli-Dosa-Vada, but rest of India knows only 'Udupi hotels' which are exclusively run by GSB's not TB's. If Chettinadu cuisine could stake a national hotel chain identity, but what about the gastronomic Tanjavoor/kumbakonam sappadu.

Its not the Tamil Brahmin alone, but the entire Tamil community lacks the entrepreneural skills. If not for money, atleast for the employment sake, entrepreneurship should be encouraged.

Two things which British had forgotten to take it back from India.. Bureaucracy & subordination.. May be,their south presidency capital (Madras) was much closer to many of us, we still carry that hangover. No wonder, a Bench clerk gets more dowry than a millionaire business man.
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>>>the ideas must be simple and viable.>>

1) Stop glorifying salaried groom.

2) Let every Purchase/Vendor development managers employed with corporates, work on a mission to develop a vendor within the community.

Dont apply talent and merit here. Just teach a guy how to start a business and develop him as a good vendor with personal care and with the mission within self to 'Help Some one".. This would make atleast a million business men in a professional way,in one shot...

Eateries may be a good option, but people have moved way forward already. I think, this idea is 50 years behind.

i had a chance to re-read nacchi's epoch article again, through the link provided by you.

i miss nacchinarkiniyan in this forum.

he is a giant. :)
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