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SC rejects Centre's plea, Rafale to be heard on merit


Well-known member
Another day, another embarrassing story tumbles out on rafale !! Yawn, can someone request the Court which is well within its rights ...oops, reek, oops, reek, .... to order an investigation !!

All kinds of excuses, stories, media bias, vendettas, etc,.are thrown except for explaining, in which company or organisation or govt, can someone give such a large contract to their close dear bankrupt friend to support a critical military jet fleet who has no experience in building any military craft !

Way re wah, what love for the govt, and the party, the leader !! Superb keep this going !! The country will improve leaps and bounds and will reach heaven very shortly !!

LOL !!
CJI will order a JPC..?? At least know the procedure for forming a JPC. It sounds like a joke that a JPC will be
formed when Lok Sabha is dissolved that too on the instructions of Chief Justice of India !!!
Whatever was stated was due to his andh Rahul Bhakti. You would have seen the debates in the TV. The Lutyens group will be blind to any good thing happening under the present government. They shout slogans like "Rahul Gandhi" and we hear "Zindabad" from across the border. It is most unfortunate for this country. Our fundamental right gives us Freedom of Speech. Anybody can talk any nonsense and get away with that.

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