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Active member
Sankalpam means saying that I, so and so, am on this date, thithi and time, at this place, am going to try and do this and this. So god help me.

It's a very simple thing.. this sankalpam. We do it all the time. But for some unintelligent people, it would seem like a challenge. They would take it as solli adikardhu..

Irrespective of what I am going to say is taken as sankalpam or solli adikardhu..

This is my plan..

I am going to go and marry kasturi. We are going to have kids. The kids are going to go to Veda padasaala.. learn yajur Veda which is my father's and forefathers Line. Then I will teach them normal schooling. I will also encourage all the brahmins around me to do the same. Whether they hear it and follow.. it's upto them..

As far as Australia is concerned.. I will not make myself a nuisance to the local government or its people. Neither will I interfere with people of other faiths. But if I am allowed to come back.. I will try to help people of Indian origin where I can and if they are interested, I will try to reinstill our old vedic values.

I do know that some people killed my youth. To them.. if you are going to do it again.. go ahead.. if it is god's will.. then.. I will do what I have said here.. irrespective of whether I end up in the hospital this time also..

Let's see..

Sarvam srikrishnarpanamasthu..


Active member
Yes ji.. we will have to keep trying till we finally get liberated .. so to say..

I don't think you will accept if I quoted vedic concepts.. since nyana and vayragya are old and dying in these times..

But since it is also said that pursuit of mercurial or short lived experiences like action, sensational experiences and physical gratification will be appreciated in this time period.. let me put an appropriate example..

The success of wachoski brothers..

They just took our vedic concepts of maya and put it nicely in a well packaged bundle of stylized violence.. and the movie matrix was a hit.. but even then.. since nyana cannot be revived in this age.. no one could understand part 2 and 3 of the matrix.. if u pay attention to what is said in the matrix series.. it is not the first instance of neo staging a fight back.. hehehe.. maybe u should rewatch the series to gleen additional information.. hahaha

I was actually amazed at the temerity of the wachoskis... They played the vedic hymns of .. asathoma .. with rock music as the end credits rolled..

And these guys talk about intellectual property rights.. lol..

Now.. do you want the blue pill or the red pill..

The right choice will lead you down the rabbit hole in pursuit of true knowledge.. in the same story which says nyana and vairagya are dying.. it is also said that bhakti is young and alive.. which means belief in doing the right thing and devotion will still be very strong.. albeit without true knowledge.. if you read our texts further.. u will realize that it is true bhakthi which will lead us to knowledge in this era..

Hmmm.. I guess that's too much information already.. take sometime ruminating over it.. cheers..


Active member
What if we could impress on our kids that they will definitely get a good partner of the opposite sex when they reach the age of (certain number). And then, they can do all they want together... would that lead to young adolescents being able to concentrate more on their studies and become better educated / more knowledgeable instead of wasting their prime youth chasing the opposite sex?

Is arranged marriage the solution? It is true that the disintegration of our hindu value system and the joint family means its getting increasingly difficult to solve marital misunderstandings since couples are staying alone, but.. think..

Are the current generations problems of divorce, single mums and lack of family because the kids are experimenting too much and start to believe that they will always find something or someone else??

Lets look at the story..

A sage asked a person to choose the best rose which he liked the most from a garden. When the person went around and stopped on a beautiful rose, he always thought the next rose to be better and went around all day without finding a single rose by the time it was evening.

The same sage told the person to pick 'a' rose from the garden.. and the person came back with a rose which he kept for a long long time..

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