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RSS stance on caste

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Definitely RSS is working for a casteless Hindu society. But they have not given up hatred for other religions and cannot be trusted.

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rss, like vhp is a pan hindu organization.

you might remember that vhp was one of the first organizations that came out in support of dalit priests and tamil prayers in tamil nadu temples. probably the one occassion when MK and VHP agreed.

rss is likewise. but the ruling elite of rss has been mostly brahmins. the previous head sudharshan is a tamil i think. even when i was in college, the local recruiter and all the recruitees were brahmins.

in many ways i think, they are our equivalent of jihadists. they prey on one's insecurities, fear, xenophobia, eulogizing india prior to islamic invasion, and above all, ignoring the current fact that india today is a multireligious multicultural country.

the bjp is their political arm. during vajapayee time there was some element of reality in the bjp view of worldpolitik. apparently from what i hear, the rss radicals are swinging back to storm and take over the bjp.

personally, i have been to a few of their meetings, felt extremely uncomfortable, and glad to be as far away as possible from them. all in all, i do not think, the rss is good for india, its democratic ideals and above all that all indians have to live together. otherwise, i shudder to think of the ensuing chaos and blood letting.

ps.. the rss is gaining ground in tamil nadu, with the gounders and nadars providing the muscle power. so i heard.
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