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Restored footage

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Previously unseen video footage of legendary mridangam player Palani M. Subramania Pillai, running to eight minutes, has been available on YouTube for five days now.

The clipping shows Pillai accompanying vocalist Kalyanakrishna Bhagavathar; Lalgudi G. Jayaraman on the violin and Tiruchi Sankaran, the desciple of Subramania Pillai, also on the mridhangam

But a peculiar problem had to be overcome first. The recording had a background of nagaswaram music instead of the performance rendered by Bhagavathar, Pillai and Jayaraman.

http://www.thehindu.com/entert uiainment/music/restored-footage-brings-subramania-pillai-to-life/article24064176.ece

I find sometimes even to upload already available clips difficult! Restoration is Herculean! - I know!

Clip with Nagaswaram and the one that is restored!



Raji Ram

Well-known member
Thanks for sharing, J J ji! :)

This comment by Sri. Kalidas K. S
, shows how this clipping is 'brought to life'!! :thumb:

''This is a small excerpt from a concert of Sri M A Kalyanakrishna Bhagavathar with Sri Lalgudi & Palani

Sri M Subramania Pillai.Young Trichy Sankaran plays the second mridangam.This had been recorded on

an 8 mm film camera. No other video devices were available then (1960).In 1972,I and a friend Sri Erode

C V Krishna went over to Angu Vilas in Dindukkal on coming to know that there were some recordings of

my Guru Sri Palani with them.True enough,we got two concerts,one of Sri MMI & another,this one.The

videoed portion was this miniscule.There was also an overlap of Nadaswaram.Recently,Tiruppur Sridhar

Kumar, a disciple in the Palani lineage & a multifaceted genius found a way to convert the film clipping into

a regular video. Another friend,Sri Anand Srinivasamurthy worked on this to remove the nadaswaram portion

& enhance the quality. We should indeed be grateful to Sridharkumar & Anand for this one & only video of

Sri Palani.Palani died in 1962 & somehow this film clip has survived despite a very old film (and obsolete camera).

The audio quality is excellent but there is no synchronisation between visuals & audio. It does not seem to matter!!!

- Kalidas K S (a disciple of Mahavidwan Sri Palani)''

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