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Respect women’s autonomy

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Why I am hooked to VV. She is with me not only in my happy but also in my sorrow moment!

My 1st grand daughter arrived while I was singing Varalakshmi rave ma intiki - Inviting her to my home!

My Sister in L Dr Collen Srinivas departed on VV pooja day.

My son had decided to name her Meenakshi - his மண் வாசனை (Madurai) & Paati sentiment (my mother's name - Meenakshi ) asked my opinion - I suggested Some option retaining Meenakshi .

Varalakshmi ( 1st. ) Meenakshi ( middle ) Nathan (Surname)

They felt the name is crowded with gods ! Get me some thing different ! OK try this - You are Vishak because of your birth star on the same logic - her birthstar is Dhanishta . It was OK with parents! Her name in birth certificate is

Dhanishta Meenakshi Nathan.

Interestingly while performing புண்யாஜனம் & நாமகரணம் rituals as per tradition - when sastrigal asked for a name to be said close to baby's ears they proposed my name - Yes she is Janaki by நாமகரணம் & By Aadhar Dhanishta Meenakshi Nathan!

While condoling the death of Dr Collen Srinivasan - I recollect the sentiments of Dr TN Srinivasan " பாவம் cancerல 6மாசம் ரொம்ப கஷ்டப்பட்டுடா - சுமங்கலியா போய் சேந்துட்டா on வரலக்ஷ்மி விரதம் கொடுத்து வெச்சவ!

I always relate these sentiments to Varalakshmi Viratham,.

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Varalakshmi ( 1st. ) Meenakshi ( middle ) Nathan (Surname)

They felt the name is crowded with gods. (#61)

Man proposes God disposes !

But we need the same crowd in our Pooja!

My d in l's Varalakshmi in Banglore The Meenakshi behind is an art work (Tanjore Painting) of mine I made that for grahapravem of their new house near electronic city.


Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
While my children are vaishnavite brahmins my sambandhis are iyers.I have left it to them to perform whatever rituals / pujas they believe in.
None I suppose kept any vrat . I was discreet enough not to enquire since I believe in hands off attitude on anything religious .
All of them are busy with their career with no interest remotely connected with vratham.However thay are foodies waiting for home made pizzas and A2B swaeets
Heard this story before? I remember to have posted this long ago !

Jambus best friend is an Iyengar Liberal in a sense - Kalai no bar when searching alliance for his children. His son married an Iyer girl his classmate -. reluctantly accepted on condition that marriage is to be as per Iyengar traditions after about 2 years resistance!

Girl is quite adjustable - She wanted to name her first born as Subramanian in memory of her father ! But our friend insisted that it should be only Prahald imagining the boy to chant Narayana Narayana 24×7!

Later they moved to US . During a visit on Vacation to India he suggested Samasrayanam - Poor Girl - The holiday became a nightmare! Priding himself as Swayamachary he performed the branding resulting in reations on the skin - she spent all her vacation visiting hospital.Back in US the boy developed Keloid on burnt skin to be tackled by a plastic sturgeon!

I am sure your grandson's name is not Prahalad and he will never develop Keloid! Correct?


Well-known member
Are there such brshmins existing in 21 sr century

We are brahmins by accident of birth in a brahmin

No caste signs for display.in public or private .

Vegetarianism and love for classical music _ have been

passed on to our next generation.

At home they are veggies

Even our cook _ an oriya brahmin pre condition was that he will cook only for veg eating families

So not even omelettes home.

We have no naming disputes as my sambandi also

has same first name.

I liked the story you have posted.Thumbs up

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Doing pooja guided by Raman Sastrigal from Madurai.!

He will come again today live round 11.30 AM for புனர் பூஜை.

Varalakshmi will be with us overnight - அரிசி பானை is ready for her to be lodged for the night . Tomorrow is the "Boxing Day" with sentimental "Sayanora" for her!



Nice pictures of Varalakshmi pooja festivals.
In U.S ,it generally becomes an occasion for ladies' get together joined by their family members.
Dinner parties also follow.
This year the pandemic has taken away the sheen of the Puja gaiety,
V.V,Karadayan Nonbu and then Navarathri are classic functions meant for ladies ,where they are the central players,The pujas have their origin in the Hindu Dharma.No doubt Our Dharma grants the true
autonomy to our women .

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
No doubt Our Dharma grants the true
autonomy to our women .(#68)

Autonomy is our birth right - Dharma behaves like a regulator - trying to fix a boundary which are archaic and arbitrary. Dharma only curbs never grants


All said and done this proves that it IS and ALWAYS WILL BE a male dominated society...no one discusses or goes to the court if a man is devoid of his poonal/smokes/drinks/eats out/consumes non veg/***** all these with or without the knowledge of family/against the customs and traditions in which he was born....but see if a women lifts a finger, it is argued in court and verdict given..

Men are afraid of society, parents in such matters, since he wants to avoid the responsibility of answering them...principle reason to control or treat his woman as a he would an animal.

Actually men need women for all reasons, but women can survive on their own.....if only they were allowed to. This is the very reason they are not allowed to. This is the general reference and not a very few gentlemen who hold women with dignity and respect which they do deserve.

.. I admire that woman for standing up for herself and not subjugating to the pressures of the so called husband of a controller.


V.V,Karadayan Nonbu and then Navarathri are classic functions meant for ladies ,where they are the central players,The pujas have their origin in the Hindu Dharma.No doubt Our Dharma grants the true
autonomy to our women .
These have become big shows and women get played into these so called poojas and festivals because they boost their egos, and gives a sense of false self worth and of course joy and pride when they outshine some others in these shows...allows them to have fun, show case their wealth and possessions...etc...nothing more than that.There is certainly no spirit behind all these fundas. Can we imagine how men make fun of these occassions and the women behind their backs?

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