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Republicans Are Retiring In Droves, At A Rate Double Their Democratic Counterparts

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Why are so many Republicans walking away….???
[h=1]Republicans Are Retiring In Droves, At A Rate Double Their Democratic Counterparts[/h]

[COLOR=rgba(54, 54, 52, 0.6)][FONT=&quot]United States President Donald Trump speaks at an event celebrating the passage of the tax bill

Re-election does not seem to be an option for Republican House members, who are running for the exit at a rate double their Democratic counterparts.

Compared to 16 Democrats who plan to leave the house, at least 41 Republican House members have said they will either retire or seek another office, according to the House Press Gallery. This number is well above the average number of House retirements per election cycle.

Of the 41 who have announced their exit, some are facing sexual-harassment allegations while others are running for governor or the Senate.

Three GOP lawmakers have announced their exit from the house in just the past week, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy - chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee - being the latest.
According to the USA Today, however, nine of the 41 are influential leaders who do not face any allegations of wrongdoing. So what is forcing them to exit?

Read more at: https://swarajyamag.com/insta/republicans-are-retiring-in-droves-at-a-rate-double-their-democratic-counterparts
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