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RAgam, ThAnam, Pallavi - fascinating facts!

Raji Ram

Well-known member
When the mandolin maestro U. Srinivas started playing, some vidwans thought that the rAgam ThOdi can't be delineated

in that instrument! But he proved that the statement FALSE! Hats off to the genius!! Here is one RTP in ThOdi by him.

He is accompanied by Smt. A. Kanyakumari on the violin and Palakkad Sri. Raghu on the mridangam.

soundcloud.com /mandolin-srinivas-rtp-todi

Raji Ram

Well-known member
Homage to Sri. N. Ramani

I was happy to see the date on the daily sheet calendar. It is exactly 5 years since I joined forum!

But as soon as I opened my PC, I saw the sad news of the demise of Sri. N. Ramani, one of my favorite artists.
He departed from this world yesterday. Let us pray for his soul to rest in peace. :pray2:

Here is a full length concert of the maestro accompanied by his son Sri. Thyagarajan, Sri. M. Chandrasekaran,

Sri. Sivaraman, Sri. Vaikom Gopalakrishnan and Sri. Srirangam Kannan.

Sri. N. Ramani - Concert

Raji Ram

Well-known member
BhooshAvaLi is a rare rAgam and one song is very popular in that rAgam.

Only yesterday I noticed that it is the pradhimadhyama rAgam of KAmbodhi. :)

Enjoy the song from this collection:


Well-known member

there ia gal...her voice is looklike Smt K B SUNDARAMBAL....another gal.....sooryagayatri...voice is looklike M S AMMA...


New member
I was just going through the postings. Your explanations are very good. All the ragas which have suddha Ri and Suddha Daivatam are sad bhavas means does it include Thodi also. Revati some songs like Mahadeva Sambho are not sad songs.

Raji Ram

Well-known member
Usually the minor notes create pathos; especially Ri and Dha. Of course some composers are able to change the basic mood of the

rAgam by the combination of phrases.

Recently, I noticed that ChArukEsi can create sad mood also. The music directors of Mahabharat and Seethaiyin Raman are able

to do it very well. :)