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PSBB teacher accused of child sexual harassment, school accused of inaction


Life is a dream
Staff member

The school said it would take all necessary steps to address the situation; city police begin inquiry​

A city school that was in the cross hairs since Sunday night for allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against a teacher by students has suspended him pending the completion of inquiry.

School education minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, DMK MPs Kanimozhi and Dayanidhi Maran have also recorded their responses to the sexual harassment charges made on social media.

Allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against a faculty member of the city based group of schools surfaced on social media and soon went viral after a group of students who are currently studying in the school, shared them on Sunday night.

The allegations made by the students were initially shared on the Instagram page of a former student of the school, Kripali. She told The Hindu that some students had initially reached out to her to ask if students from her batch had faced such sexual misconduct from a Commerce teacher G. Rajagopalan. He has reportedly been teaching Commerce and Accountancy for over 20 years at the school.



Active member
Now that news seems to be leaking out that Rajagopalan is not a brahmin Iyengar.. lets see where this goes.
I am sure the DK/ DMK were always aware that Rajagopalan is not a Brahmin and this fact must be deeply disappointing/ embarrassing for them.

To me, the target is the school itself which is a symbol of 'Paarppaniyam' (Brahmin domination and arrogance).

Zion school accident

Zion school indifference

Just read the above. The father of this child (victim) is an auto driver and is personally known to us. Imagine this happening in PSBB.

Only we living in Tamilnadu (and maybe India) know the true colours of these pseudo secular parties who claim they fight for social justice. Obviously when the offender belongs to a minority religion there is no social injustice even if the victim is a poor auto driver. I do not know whether non resident Indians in this forum are even aware that the DK/ DMK keep calling Modi and Amit Shah as 'theeya paarppana sakthigal' (though one is a OBC and the other a Baniya) just to add fuel to the anti Brahmin fire!


Well-known member

these things are going to happen for next 5 yrs in tamil nadu....temple and brahmin institutions are

mainly target....lets wait and see..


Gold Member
Gold Member
Child molesters are in every community.
Being a brahmin has nothing to do with the action of one staff member of PSBB.
It is a wonder that he got away with his actions for years.
More surprising is that school management did nothing about the issue until it blew up.
Now other schools in chennai are also admitting molesting cases in their schools
Delhi tamil school also faced a similar issue when I was a student decades back.
Here a PT teacher sodomised 8 th 9th class students.
When these boys developped courage and reported to school principal the PT teacher was suspended immediately and later terminated after enquiry..


Well-known member

now due to laptop / other devices more exposure everything...smart phones are full of videos....

when i was in teacher in chennai 80s......these things very restricted....now other side parents/kids

are also some kind of responsibility with this issue...many new cases will come shortly...


Gold Member
Gold Member
It is typical of brahmins to say that they are potlesslessly clean in terms of morals
Elitist brahmin schools are as guilty as others in covering up of molesting cases of students besides swimming school accidents or school bus accidently hitting and injuring student
They are also guilty of covering up such accidents using their political connections.
When things blow up all dirty acts of past come out
This is the typical way things happen in india


Gold Member
Gold Member
What is distrurbing is that there is no investigation of background of recruited teachers.
In our days only those who were not good enough for any profession became teachers
Less educated ones taught primary classes .PG taught higher classes. Not many had a degree in education.and were graduates and post graduates.
Housewives whose husbands were in govt and other jobs got drafted as teachers .I t was considered a noble profession for brahmin ladies.
In primary the kids got motherly care in school and ac ademics got a back seat. Only final two years all kids worked hard to become first class in higher secondary.
In retrospect our school years were less complicated. No parent teacher meetings.All got promoted every year upto clas ten and higher secondary was 11 years. No nursery or KG .
We were no worse due to one year less school education.We were ready for college at 16 years.


Active member
All got promoted every year upto clas ten
Detention in the same class for continued poor performance and conditional promotion (satisfactory performance expected in the first quarterly exam in the higher class) were not uncommon in my school. I completed my schooling in 1972.

The biggest difference to my mind is that in our school days we were in awe of our teachers but these days the teachers are in awe (or even dread) of their students.


Active member
What is distrurbing is that there is no investigation of background of recruited teachers.

Why only teachers, there is hardly any background check for most jobs. Even though we now have Aadhar we don't use it. A few years back I came across a shocking incident. I was using a cab service for my travels. and got acquainted with a few drivers employed by the company. One day a driver told me that his colleague who had driven me once got into an accident and killed a couple of people. Only later on the agency found he was also involved in a couple of earlier accidents in his previous jobs. I suspect that many small cab operators may not be checking even for a valid drivers license.

There are some simple things we can also do when we employ people.

1. Get a copy of drivers license and aadhar before employing personal car drivers.
2. Get a copy of Aadhar before hiring domestic help like cook, maid, gardner etc. It is much easier for the police to trace them with a photo id should something like burglary happens.
3. Check thoroughly before sending children for private tution or coaching classes.
4. If possible use coaching centres that have cameras installed.


Gold Member
Gold Member
The school was the one that kicked out AR Rahman and insulted his mother by telling her to make him.a beggar on the streets cos he used to be absent cos he was also working to support the family as a teen.

AR Rahman was then invited to be the guest of honor to the very same school and the very woman who insulted his mum and told him to be a beggar said that she saw potential in him and encouraged him!

Looks as if the school doesnt have morals fo start with claiming credit which they didnt have any role in.

But the funny thing is AR Rahman midway during the function left the stage to go pray and made all of them wait till he was done praying.

Honestly if the school had morals the person who expelled AR Rahman should have realized that he was working to support the family and instead of expelling him..the school should have had some teacher volunteer to help out with extra classes for AR Rahman.

In Malaysia some teachers help out kids who work and study with extra classes after school hours to help them cope and not drop out of school.


Well-known member

in olden days...teaching was noble profession for brahmin famlies....my father was a teacher

in remote village panchayat union school near coimbatore in tamil nadu ...i was teacher for

higher secondary school in chennai.....in my family...more than 10 to 15 members were teachers..

all are retired now....now the education system more commercial business model....not a service

oriented any more....education is very costly....in USA....all public schools are free from K -to 12...

these things byproduct of modern school education system...

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