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Prayag-Kashi-Gaya-Rameswaram Yatra (Revised)

I had earlier posted a detailed account of my Kashi-Trip as a PDF-Attachment.
There were a lot of queries on the same.
Some even requested me to post the contents directly.

Hence I have modified my post suitably, added some more details and posting it here once again.
I am sorry for repletion and also inconvenience caused to many. 🙏🙏

Kashi-Rameswaram Yatra.

Ram Ram

A Few tips from my side, before venturing into the Vlog.

  • Plan your trip atleast six months in advance.
  • Prefer train travel as the luggage will be quite large. The Bi-weekly Ganga-Kaveri is the best train from Chennai to Varanasi.
  • By opting for plane travel we ended up paying Rs 2000+ for additional luggage alone.
  • Make Varanasi your Place of Stay and travel to other places.
  • Have a talk with the Kashi-Vadyar well in advance and finalize your itinerary. • Normally a six-day trip would be ideal.
  • Ensure that all expenditure (even miscellaneous charges) and payments are handled by the Vadhyar himself.
  • If you decide to spend on your own, you will be fleeced, and you may end up paying a huge amount.
  • Ask the Vadhyar himself to organize your transport, food, and temple visits by himself.
  • Every Vadhyar in these places has a tie-up with all such felicity management people.
  • Even though you may be paying a little more, actually it will considerably reduce your tension and save you from being duped.
  • My personal opinion is to avoid group-tours. In such tours there will be just one Vadhyar shouting Mantras from one corner and you will not be able to repeat after him.
  • Engage your own Vadhyar who will customize your trip as per your needs, so that you can perform all ceremonies with full understanding and devotion.
  • Rameswaram Yatra before starting for Kashi is optional. It is meant for Shuddi. But performing Theertha-Shrardham first at Rameswaram is preferable.
  • But you must visit Rameswaram after the Kashi-Yatra without fail, and perform the Abishekam to Ramanatha Swamy with the Ganga-Theertham. This is to be done within three months of completing the Kashi-Yatra.
  • All Danams in Kashi are optional. But performing Danams in Kashi is considered very sacred. All Danam items (except) Gho-Danam, can be purchased and carried by us from here.
  • You can perform Homa-Shrardham or just Hiranya-Shrardham depending on your physical/financial condition.

  • At Kashi : Kaushik, S/O Kedareswara Sastrigal – 9936423000.
  • At Rameswaram : Gurucharan Sastrigal – 7010600385


Rameswaram-Yatra (18th & 19th Jan).


  • Reached Rameswaram by train by 5 am, and stay was arranged at Sankara Matam, which is situated near the temple and just a few meters away from the Agni-Theertham.
  • Autos ply only upto the Agni Theertham barricade, and you have to walk about 200 metres from that point to Sankara Matam.
  • It is quite a big campus and the rooms in ground floor and two floors.
  • The charges are reasonable, and rooms have basic (clean) amenities.
  • Food is provided only in the afternoon against a nominal payment.
  • For details you can contact Sri Thiagarajan, the Manager on 9360174980
  • After bath in the room, we were asked to be ready by 7 am wearing Madisar/Pancha-Kacham. The Vadhyar had arranged for a van for our trip to Danushkodi.
  • At Danushkodi, first there is the Maha Sankalpam for eradication of Runa (Debt) and cleansing ourselves of all sins, on the banks of the Bay-of-Bengal.
  • Then we must perform Puja to Sri Rama and all His brothers and Sri Sita.
  • A Bow and Arrow is drawn on the sand and formal worship is carried out with flowers on the sand.
  • This consecrated sand is then offered to the sea, and the couple must bath in the ocean, taking dips twelve times.
  • With the same wet-clothes we must collect wet sand, create three Lingams – Sethu-Madhava, Bindu-Madhava and Veni-Madhava.
  • Formal Worship is then performed by the couple to these lingams.
  • Then the Sethu-Madhava Lingam is dissolved in the sea by us, and the Bindu-Madhava-Lingam is dissolved by the priest.
  • We carry the Veni-Madhava-Lingam to be dissolved at Prayag in Triveni-Sangam.
  • The entire exercise takes around one and half hour.
  • Then with the same wet clothes we return to Rameswaram for a holy dip in the sea known as ‘Agni-Theertham’.
  • After that we must proceed to the temple for a dip in all the 22 holy Theertham in the temple.
  • Our Vadhyar had arranged for a person to take us for a bath in all the wells. They charge Rs 200/- per head, for this exclusive Snanam.
  • Otherwise, the temple charges Rs 25/- per head but they only sprinkle a little water on your head.
  • With this we returned to our rooms and had a homely lunch at Sankara Matam.
  • Evening by 6 pm, our Vadhyar took us to the temple and we had excellent darshan of Lord Ramanathaswamy and Devi Parvatha-Vardhini, and all the other deities around the temple.

Day-2 (19/01/2024)

  • Today our Vadhyar had arranged for Homa-Shrardham at his home, and the entire Shardham-rituals took around two hours.
  • After performing the Shrardham, and feeding the Brahmanas, we all had our lunch.
  • All of us started back for home in the evening.
This in general is the sequence to be followed at Rameswaram, and can be customized to your specific needs also.

Our Vadhyar was quite a young man, well-versed in scriptures and explained everything in detail before performing any ritual.



Day-1 (25/01/2024).

  • We reached Kashi by Indigo flight around 3 pm.
  • Evening we were taken in a boat for witnessing the Ganga-Aarti.
  • Ganga Aarti is performed on two ghats side-by-side.
  • The boat is stationed in the river and we can watch the Aarti from our boat.
  • The entire process takes around one hour and there will always be heavy rush for this event.
  • Later we return to our Guest House and have our dinner at the residence of our Vadyar.

Day-2 (26/02/2024)

  • We started for Prayag by Van by 5.30 am, after bath and we reached around 9 am .
  • The weather was very chill and the visibility was very low due to the thick fog.
  • Our first stop was at the famous Veni-Madhav Temple, the presiding deity of Prayag Raj.
  • From there we proceed to Shiva Matam for our Rituals. We take our bath and change our clothes.
  • Prayaga-Kshetra Maha-Salkalpam by the local Vadyar is done.
  • Then we offer Thamboolam to Sumangalis at the Siva Matam, for Veni Daanam.
  • Pooja is also done for the Veni-Lingam.
  • Then we Proceed to the banks of Triveni.
  • Here the Sankalpam is done by the local Panda for Ladies alone.
  • We have to then offer Veni Daanam.
  • During Veni-Daanam, the husband plaits the hair of the wife and cuts one inch of hair from her plait. This piece of hair is placed along with Tamboolam and Sumangali-Dravyam and later offered at the Triveni-Sangamam Point.
  • The surprise is that this hair straight away sinks into the river and does not float, as it does in other places.
  • This Veni-Daanam is done only once by a person in his life-time.
  • All males must tonsure their head on the banks of Triveni.
  • But people from Tamil Nadu just have a shave here and a small piece of hair is cut.
  • Pandas and barbers are available in plenty (for a fixed rate) on the banks.
  • Then we proceed to Triveni Sangam, by boat.
  • We take the ritualistic Bath holding the hand of the spouse.
  • We immerse the Veni-Lingam here along with the Sumangali-Dravya etc. in the river and offer Arghyam.
  • We then return to Siva Madam to perform Hiranya Shrardham.
  • We have our lunch at Siva Matam and start back to Kashi.

Day-3 (27/01/2024)

  • We have bath in our rooms and with traditional clothes go to Vadhyar’s house.
  • We perform the Kashi Maha Sankalpam in Vadhyar’s house.
  • Then we go by boat to Manikarnika Ghat.
  • We climb the 50-odd steps to Chakra-Theertham (It is always dry), and collect the mud in that tank and apply it on our bodyon our body.
  • Then we take the Holy Dip in the Ganges, holding the hand of the spouse.
  • With the same wet clothes, we offer Arghyam and flowers to Ganga.
  • Daanam (Rs 100/-) is given to each of the two Pandas there.
  • We return to our Guest House and have our lunch at the house of our Vadhyar.
  • Evening we visit a few temples like the Kalabhairav Mandir, Chozhiamman Temple, Sankat-Mochan-Hanuman Mandir, Durga Temple etc., in an e-rikshaw.
  • The traffic is chaotic and we spent more time riding the rickshaw than at the temples.

Day-4 (28/01/2024)

  • Morning, we have our bath in the room and proceed to Vadhyar’s house for performing the Homa-Shrardham
  • You can feed wither two or five Brahmanas.
  • If desired, Vaideeka-Brahmanas can also be arranged for feeding at additional cost. (We engaged two Vaideeka Brahmanas).
  • Dasa Daanam and Pancha Daanam (Optional) is done after the Shrardham ceremony.
  • After lunch, we leave for Gaya by 2 pm.
  • It takes six hours to reach Gaya by road as a lot of Highway-Construction is happening all along the way.
  • Once completed, they say it will take just three hours to reach Gaya from Kashi.
  • We stay at Vishnu-View Hotel, one of the best hotels in Gaya.

Day-5 (29/01/2024)

  • In the morning after bath, we proceed to the banks of Phalguni River for Sankalpam, Hiranya Shrardham and Pinda Pradhanam (64 Pindams), which is later immersed in the Phalguni River.
  • Havis-Annam is provided in a vessel using which the wife must prepare the Pandams at every place.
  • Next we proceed to the Temple of Vishnu-Paadam (Gadhaadar).
  • Pinda-Pradhanam is performed (17) in the corridor of the temple.
  • All the Pindams are then collected and offered to the Vishnu-Paadam, in the sanctum.
  • We then go back to Prasad-Bhavan where Homa-Shrardham is performed and the Brahmanas are fed.
  • Our next destination is Akshaya-Vatam.
  • Hiranya Shrardham is performed here and the Pindams (64) are offered to our ancestors.
  • Out of these 64, sixteen are exclusively offered to one’s Mother, chanting the Matru-Shodasi Mantra. This is a very sublime ritual and will bring tears to anyone listening to the Mantra and its explanation by the Vadhyar.
  • A representative of the Brahmanas, who were fed earlier, comes here and we have to ask him whether they are fully satisfied with our rituals and the food we offered.
  • Only when he affirms with appropriate Mantras, the Gaya Yatra is considered to be complete.
  • After the rituals these Pindams are placed at the feet of Akshaya Vatam.
  • We offer Dakshina to the Panda sitting there who blesses us all.
  • We come back to Prasad-Bhavan for our lunch.
  • All the above rituals will take around 6-7 hours. Infact, we started the rituals at 7.00 am and when we had our lunch it was almost 3 pm.
  • After lunch we start back to Kashi and reach by 11 pm.
Day-6 (30/01/2024)

  • Today is the day for Pancha-Theertha-Shrardham.
  • We have our bath and wear the Madi-Vastram.
  • We carry the Havis-Annam in a boat, starting from Hanuman Ghat.
  • Pindams are offered (17 each) with appropriate Mantras, at each of the five ghats, the last being Manikarnika Ghat.
  • We are expected to take a dip at each ghat and offer the Pindams with wet clothes.
  • But the extremely cold climate (It was 7 degrees we went) and heavy fog prevented us from this.
  • But we took our final traditional bath at Manikarnika Ghat, and offered Pindams.
  • Then Pooja is offered to Ganga-Matha by the couple.
  • We return to our place and have our lunch by 12 noon.
  • In the evening, we visit the Kahi-Viswanath, Annapooranai and Vishalakshi temples.
  • Vishwanath temple has been transformed verily into Kailasha, itself.
  • Then we have time for doing our shopping.
  • In Varanasi, bargaining is a must, in any shop.
  • We return by 8 pm for our dinner and rest.
Day-7 (31/01/2024)

  • Today is the day for Dampati Pooja and Gho-Daanam, which takes around one hour.
  • A Very Senior Ghanapaati-Couple are seated and we offer the Sixteen Upacharas to them, along with Saree, Dothie, Metti, Thirumangalyam, Sumangali-Dravya and Tambooolam.
  • The blessings of this couple, who are the physical form of Lord Vishwanatha and Devi Visalakshi, is considered very auspicious, and marks the conclusion of the Kashi-Yatra.
  • Then Gho-Danam is done with appropriate Puja to the Cow and calf.
  • Then the Cow and Calf are handed over to the Vedic Pundit.
  • After lunch we can start for our homes.

Second Rameswaram Yatra

  • We reach Rameswaram in the evening and stay at Sankara Matam, as usual.
  • By 4 pm, we visit Danushkodi, Kothanda-Ramar Temple etc.
  • In the night we visit the Ramanatha Swamy Temple for a serene and crowd-free Darshan.
  • Next day, our Vadhyar comes around 6.30 am.
  • We perform the Ganga Pooja to the Ganga-Theertham which we have brought.
  • Sri Rudram is chanted.
  • Then we carry that Ganga-Theertham to the temple and Abishekam of Ramanatha Swamy is performed with that Holy Water.
  • By 9 am we start back for home.


The Cost : -

  • For Sankalpa Snanam at Danushkodi and Shrardham at Rameswaram the package was Rs 35,000/- (For 4 couples).
  • This covers the cost of all materials, transport (to Danuskhkodi), food and Vaideeka Sambavanai.

  • For Shrardham (at Kashi, Gaya and Prayag) alone the cost is
  • With Two Brahmanals Rs 40,000/-
  • ⁠With Two Vaideekas as Brahmanas the cost is Rs 70,000.
  • This cost covers all Shraddha expenses at Kashi, Gaya and Prayag, including lunch for all.

  • ****** Shubham *******
Fantastic Information Sir. Taken extra ordinary pains to brief everything so crystal clear. Hats Off to You. Thanks a Lot and God Bless You - Subramaniann Chennai

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