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Politics & Karma - Beware of the Deadly Impact !!


Well-known member
Politics & Karma - Beware of the Deadly Impact !!

People have started supporting right wing groups in alarming nos, and this has now become a, ideological identity, pride to be associated with, a natural party founded with religion at the centre, focuses on politically incorrect issues, and most importantly an anti minorities, anti immigrant party that saves the religious, the livelyhood of the locals etc..

All hate rhetorics, anti immigrant violence, communal lunchings, etc..are justified in the larger cause or relegated to a fringe group despite key leaders indulging in such activities. They also justify that in politics, one has to indulge in such nefarious activities and one should not give too much focus. And they justify by saying, that liberals seculars, commies, do not condemn minorities/immigrant led violence, but only highlight the majority Hindu led violence. Similar arguments in USA made to support racist thug trump.

And this phenomenon has become deep rooted and people have built hatred over many years and decades. like I said earlier, they also live in their own bubble world where they get news only from right wing sources. Hence the lock in is permanent, they are not accessible to any other source and hence cannot be influenced to change their votes.

The biggest tragedy is that this core supporters are primarily the religious people across the world and they fiercely justify these groups and parties. They also proudly say these right wing parties are the natural party of religion and they support the religious activities unlike irreligious liberals and seculars and commies.

First off, beware of the deadly karmic impact of your actions -

1. Right wing parties, associated groups, are soiled with the sufferings and the blood of scores of innocent Muslims, immigrants, etc..
2. As per Bhagawad Gitam, anyone who supports or enables bad people and their immoral unethical activities share their terrible bad karma.
3. Bad Karma will come to "all those" indulging and/or supporting and/or cheering the lynchings, rapistan, killings, torturing innocent Muslims, mexicans, etc..
4. Agree, the jihadi terror groups, Mexicans drug lords, etc.. are evil, and has to be opposed. But in what moral world does that make it right to kill or maim innocent Muslims men, women and children no way related to these terror groups ?? Same with the hardworking Mexican immigrants into the USA. Seriously ??, this cannot be the justification.
5. Remember Bhagawan Krishnars, discourse on why Karna got felled despite a lifetime of penance, honesty, Dharmam, and Unparalleled Dhanam !! Karna lost his life by his association with "Dushtan" Suyodhanan !!
6. And as per Krishnar, you also have the moral duty to fight evil, so you cannot recuse and say I will do nothing.
7. Next time, you want to support any of these groups , think again before you do, you don't want to gain bad karma !!

More than happy to debate this with one and all. May be in these times, we need a thread again on Bhagawad Gitam and its dictum on Dharmam and Karmam !! Seriously nothing good can come from supporting such right wing groups indulging in violence against innocents !!

In short, the terrible tragedy of Kali Yugam is that the religious people are the ones committing great sins by supporting lunchings, killings, etc..in the name of large cause etc.. And the so called bad people liberals, seculars, commies are actually the ones who are doing the right thing by being inclusive, supporting vehemently the rights of minorities, condemning violence, etc..

Hence right wing supporters, beware of this deadly karmic impact. The last thing you would want in your life is more bad karma and sufferings !!

Ps: I did speak about this briefly in my posts earlier, but should have written this thread much before the elections, nah, years back !!!

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