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Political Discussions

Should politics be allowed in this website

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 38.9%
  • No

    Votes: 11 61.1%

  • Total voters
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Brahmanyan-Bangalore -Thanks Sri Somayaji.

It is unfortunate the voice of a vibrant community is reduced to silence in Tamil Nadu for no fault of theirs.
Due to changed circumstances and migration of younger generation of our community seeking education and Jobs in foreign Countries, where merit is valued, we have to face new social problems that can be discussed in the Tamil Brahmin Forum instead of Politics, which has no value.
Bangalore. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brahmanyan-Bangalore => It is Not Unfortunate --"the voice of a vibrant community is reduced to silence in Tamil Nadu for no fault of theirs.=> is the "Very Core" of Tamil Politics for 52 years (since 1967) --The Enormous contributions of Sarva Sri.=> உ வே சுவாமிநாத ஐயர் -சுப்பிரமணிய பாரதி -சூர்ய நாராயண சாஸ்திரி (பரிதி மால் கலைஞ்ஞர் ) வடுவூர் துரைஸ்வாமி ஐயங்கார்- கல்கி -கி,வா ஜகந்நாதன் -ந. பார்த்த சாரதி -for the Development of தமிழ் Literature have been dumped into the "Dust Bin" --Tamil children do not know as to who they are --they are asking are they from Sweden /or/Switzerland ?--No body from Tamil Brahmin Fora,even touch them with a barge pole

If Promoting Anti -Modi and Anti-Hindutva is going to be the Flag-Ship of Discussions in Tamil Brahmins' Forum,the Small Forum of some 50-60 members will vertically Split--As some one has suggested, there are 1000s of Fora to Discuss Politics --But there is NOT even One Single Fora to discuss exclusively the Problems of Tamil Brahmins


Life is a dream
Staff member
After weighing in all the options, it has been decided that the politics forum will be an optional forum.
Which means, by default it will not be shown to all users.

Those who are interested in the political discussions, need to go to account preferences (here) and opt-in to view political discussions.

This way, those who only want will now see the political discussion group and all others will not see it.

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