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Please, pl, pl, pl, don't criticise my dear party and leader !! I love them folks !! LOL


Well-known member
Andh Bakth vs Liberals, Commis, Sickulars, Left (LCSL)

Andh Bakth - Please, please, please don't criticise my dear party and leader... and leader !! I love them folks !!

LCSL - LOL, Arey Bhai, it is a democracy, we have a right to criticise the govt, ruling party, and the opposition.

Andh Bakth, Please man, don't do it..I can't bear it man.

LCSL - what is this govt for you ? Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, friend, or atleast neighbour ? Why should we not criticse them ??

Andh Bkath, Can't take it man, really. I love my suprmee party and leader and ideology more than my son..so many of emotions invested in them.

LCSL - Arey Bhai, why are you torturing yourself with such Andh Bakth ?? So what if some people on a Internet forum criticise this govt ?? It is a democracy, all of us a are allowed to criticise. It is not a dictatorship.

Andh Bakth. That's is the problem. They should not allow you al to criticse like this. Because you don't know how to criticse. You have to criticse very gently..

LCSL - Arey Bhai, why are you allowing yourself to be brainwashed to this extent ??

Andh Bkath can't take it. "IT" starts shouting abuses - abuse, abuse, abuse, how dare you ?, who are you to criticse my party, leader, who ??

LCSL - why are you abusing us ?? LOL.

Andh Bakth - answer me, don't ask.

LCSL - well we are just common citizens and in a democracy, anyone can criticsethose in power.

Andh Bakth starts crying badly... - how the hell they allowed democracy to be established in india ?? I only want my supremee party and leader to rule, no one else. Never the dynasts. Get it.

LCSL - Arey Bhai, too late. Most people in india love democracy Bhai, and we love to criticise. LOL.

Andh Bakth, keep quiet. I have to talk to my supremee party and leader how to abolish democracy and stop you all from criticing on the Internet.

LCSL - but many of us are abroad and criticing..lol

Andh Bakth breaks down..completely...starts abusing continuously.. How the hell I landed in such a terrible world. Waaaaaaaaaaaa

LOL !!


Well-known member
Andh Bakths (multiple Bakths) - we are telling you to shut up now !!!

LCSL - Arey why folks ?? I mean we have the freedom of speech to write ??

Andh Bakths - how dare you ? No on can question this govt, they are doing great Job, they are taking all of us to utopia.

LCSL - LOL. Sorry andhas, we don't want to come to utopia. We want to remain on earth and live our lives. You can go to utopia or gutteropia. Lol.

Andh Bakths - you ungrateful fellows. This govt has done million things, that Congo has never done. And yet you criticise them, how can you ??

LCSL - Greta okay, like what ?? What are the great things this govt has done ??

Andh Bakths - thod, phod, thod, phod, thod, phod, thod, phod, so much of thod phod.... See how we have attacked and lunched so many people..lol

LOL !!


Well-known member
Next time, you come to these forums, inject yourself into a conversation only to abuse like a Andh bakth, understand, you are only exposing your "kiddish mental age" !!

Use this as an opportunity to learn from the masters and grow your mental age !!

Redicukous Bakths, how much ever you trash them, they keep coming back like the crap on the swacch Bharath campaign !!

LOL !!


Left, Communists and Seculars.

The left and communists are fond of using the word "fascism" - I think the word has its origins in Mussolini's party (Hitler's closest ally). I too loathe Hitler and the Nazis for the genocide of jews and gypsies and other shameful atrocities (including fiendish experiments in the name of Science) committed on helpless men, women, children and even infants in their concentration camps. Of course, the left and communists do not support Hitler and his criminal Nazis.

Photos of Lenin and Stalin "adorn" every office of the left/ communists in India. Stalin also killed tens of thousands of gypsies/ hunters who he considered a drain on the scarce resources of "Mother Russia". Stalin and Mao also indulged in mass killings of millions who they considered political enemies. The only difference between Hitler and these tyrants is that the first monster did it for ethnic purity but the other 2 did it in the name of love for their country. The left and communists are obviously comfortable with the genocide carried out by Stalin and Mao and continue to glorify them and garland their busts/ statues on every anniversary of their birth incarnation!

Just before (or is it after?) the surrender of Germany in WW II, most of the top Nazis (the chief criminals including Eichmann, Mengele - about 40000 in all) managed to escape to various Latin American countries (Peru, Venezuela ...). Their safe passage was arranged by "The Vatican". Since Vatican is a country they were able to issue passports in fake names (Spanish/ Portugese) and they also arranged for their passage to these countries. One of the chief functionaries involved in this collusion with the greatest criminals in history was a Cardinal Montini who later became Pope Paul VI and has now been proclaimed a Saint! There is enough on record and you can find it on the net.

In a public meeting TNTJ official Jainulabdeen (PJ) was talking about the greatness of Islam when a Hindu asked him to comment about Islam permitting "enjoyment of slaves". PJ was taken off guard - he thought for some time and then said that even people in captivity had desires and this should be seen as a considerate gesture!!!

A few years back the ISIS abused Yazidi women - saying that since the captives were infidels they had God given right to do so!

Many LCSL claim that Islam stands for social equality! To me, a religion which sanctions slavery can never symbolize social equality.

Read about Mohammed (the founder) and Bano Quraiz (a tribe). It is too ugly to describe here. Read about Mohammed and Zainab - the "faithful" claim that he wanted to demonstrate that Islam does not recognize adoption.

According to Islam, a person can seek atonement for rape, murder and many more heinous crimes but there is one crime for which there is no atonement - "Shirk". "Shirk" is not the English verb meaning "avoid responsibility/ duty". "Shirk" means worship of any God other than Allah. In other words Allah will forgive even murderers and rapists but will never forgive anyone who worships some other God and such people should be prepared for a terrible punishment.

All of the above can be found on the net.

But LCSL will not like to talk about all that. To them, secularism means Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutva bashing ONLY!!!

Are only the Bhakt "andh"???
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