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Performance of Avani Avittam

Nemmara Pattar

New member
Dear Srimathi Mahalakshmi Krishnamurthy

(1) Ladies do not perform upaakarmam (aavani-avittam).

(2) As Sri K Gopalan has pointed out, your family (including your husband and sons) have to observe 10 days' a-soucham (pelai-theetu). So this year's observance is out.

Nemmara Pattar

New member
Dear Srimathi Mahalakshmi Krishnamurthy

Kindly note that, even though observance of this year's Veda-upaakarmam (aavani-avittam) is out due to 10 days' a-soucham with effect from 13 August 2021, your husband and sons should nevertheless continue with their nithya karmas.

In other words, your husband and you should still perform your praatha and saayam aupaasanams (fire-ceremonies). And your husband and sons (if they have undergone upanayanam) should still perform their thri-kaala sandhyaa-vandanams and gaayathri japams. And your sons should perform their own praatha and saayam samithaa-daanams (fire-ceremonies), being Brahmachaaris.


Active member
on 10th day your husband must do kuzhi tharpanam if your father in law is not alive now. if your father in law is alive he has to do kuzhi tharpanam. only on 11th day morning theetu is leaving. only on 11th day your husband must change new punal and do gayathri japam. also you have to change thirumangalya saradu on or after 11th day. i have given kuzhi tharpanam details in this forum in rituals ceremonies and puja. thread.

Nemmara Pattar

New member
Dear Srimathi Mahalakshmi Krishnamurthy

Perhaps you are not aware that the rule is that the day of death does not count, and that the a-soucham therefore starts the following day.

That means the pelai-theetu starts on 14 August, not 13th. It continues till the punyaaha-vaachanam and accompanying graha-yajnya-homam are performed in your house. Originally these were done on the first anniversary of the death, i.e. the abdikam. These days, the shaasthrigals for the sake of conveninece, perform them on the 12th day.

You are perhaps aware of the normal practice that, since your husband's grandfather and the deceased's grandfather were brothers, your family cannot mix and mingle for one year with others of the community who do not have a-soucham, cannot visit temples, nor attend upanayanams, vivaahams, and other samskaarams, and so on.

One of the unique features of Veda-upaakarmam is that members of the same Vedam assemble at a sacred place like a riverbank, a seashore, an island, a temple, to perform as a group 1008 kaamo-kaarshi japam, deva-rishi-pithru tharppanam, Gangaa-snaanam, yajnopaveetha dhaaranam, kaanda-rishi tharppanam, Veda-paaraayanam, kaanda-rishi homam, jayaathi-homam, and other sacred rituals solemnly and seriously.

Accordingly, it shoud be obvious that your husband cannot "do the Avani Avittam" this year, whatever others might say.

Else, he will be breaching the rules and pollutng others with his a-soucham. Same applies to your sons if they are brahmaachaaris.

Nemmara Pattar

New member
You are most welcome.

As I mentioned earlier, the normal nithya karmas such as the thri-kaala saadhyas including gaayathri japams, the dvi-kaala aupaasaanams, and the dvi-kaala samidaa-daanams should continue.
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