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parvati vallabha ashtakam (in tamil)


Active member
In this Universe, everything appears in pairs. For eg. Electromagnetic force that binds, evolves particles with unlimited range and Weak force that decays the particles, with severely limited range, originated as ‘pairs’.

If we visualize this Universe’s space as an ocean of energy filled with white Light (EM radiation), one can see ‘blue/dark’ ‘throats’ all over space, which is the weak force that decays particles, but whose range is limited to a very small region unlike light (EM radiation) whose range is unlimited.

Same way, if we visualize this Universe as an ocean of biological consciousness, thoughts that ‘bond’ (love, kindness, altruism etc) have unlimited range flowing across minds. Thoughts that cause dis-harmony (fear, depression, jealousy etc) are severely limited in range stressing minds locally.

Shiva, the Energy or consciousness is blue-throated nila-kandan, in which weak force or decaying/stressful thoughts (poison) is limited to local region.

purAnAs say pArvati limits range of hAlahAla poison to the region of throat of Shiva and hence becomes dear to neela-kandan.

If Shiva is Energy, Shakti is momentum of massless particles, pArvati is the momentum of particles with mass that make all Universe.

Science says weak force bosons (that decay other particles) acquire mass & their range gets limited. Thus pArvati as the mother of all in Universe, not only makes all Universe’s particles, but also impedes their decaying force.

Same way, if shiva is consciousness, shakti is electrical signaling, pArvati is the chemical signaling in the biological beings.

Science says thoughts of kindness, altruism etc produce happy hormones that induce social bonding & spread. Stressful thoughts (fear, jealousy, depression etc) produce cortisol that slows prefrontal cortex cognition and communication.

Thus pArvati as the mother of all in Universe, helps us bond and also impedes spread of dis-harmony. But such thoughts torments us and hurt us internally, as they cannot spread.

mahAperiyavA says if we examine ourselves, submit such decaying thoughts at Ambal’s (parvati) feet, pray her to reduce such thoughts in us, that will be the force to purify us. It’s not necessary that people follow our ‘mata’, but if they follow this method (of self-examination), then whole world will benefit.

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