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Not personality cults, India needs a party with true representation of people


Well-known member
Elections look-ahead
BJP 2.0 is learning that political opportunism has it’s downsides (“Citizenship Bill row: Protestors wave black flags at PM Modi as he arrives in Assam”). The North East was their one small hope for 2019 but even that is now circling the drain. All their fair-weather friends seem ready to desert them and go back to regional politics in survival mode. This the direct consequence of a “grab power at any cost” attitude. A political alliance must be built on shared values in order to last. The current NDA is a strange animal that approves cow-protection vigilantes to carry out lynchings in the Hindi belt and throws their weight behind beef consumption during Kerala elections.

In the early Vajpayee days (before the scams hit), BJP was truly a ray of hope for Indian democracy. We finally had a party with internal democracy and also a vision for India (unlike the Left parties who do have democracy but their attitude to power is about as ambitious as a dog chasing a car).

The saddest consequence of Modi-Shah politics is the resurgence of the Congress dynasty. It had been thrown into the dustbin of history for good and now here it comes back again! The Indira Gandhi dynasty is a more sinister version of Modi-Shah autocracy. Our braindead media has a single narrative of Congress and BJP as the only alternatives to each other. An honest look at Indian political landscape shows that every political party (except perhaps the Left but that’s a different kind of monster) is relying on personality cult. Modi for BJP, Rahul/Priyanka for Congress, Kejriwal for AAP (sad state of affairs for a party that was built from ground up with people’s participation), and the numerous regional parties who cannot survive the passing of their leader (case in point: AIADMK).

The need of the hour is a political party or alliance that has true representation of the people – this means that such a party must be financed through people’s contributions and not corporate donations or feudal style hierarchies of corrupt leaders. Such a party should have internal elections to elect leaders with grass-root support to the top positions. (No individual must be above the party). And last but not the least, it should have a vision for the future of India and a plan to get there.
The media has an important role is nudging our society towards this change. Independent candidates with the right values and competence can be given more space in the media narrative. News stories about the small folks uniting against the corrupt powers must be given more visibility. We still have a few months until elections, small changes to the outcome can be effected even now.



New member
I would completely ignore this paper Scroll since it is run by a bunch of communist thinking anti-Indian mindset people. While they criticize BJP or Modi for everything they do, they will never write a single article on whether Rahul Gandhi has the slightest brains for being a party president.

He is a cocaine addict who was caught in the USA trying to smuggle in money and drugs. While he was detained at the airport and facing imminent imprisonment, he was rescued from the USA by the diplomacy of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Now, these people will never write articles like these. They will never question the merit with which a couple of criminals who are out on bail today are running the entire Congress party.

While these papers can churn out narrative after narrative, they are completely out of touch with reality. While the article says that we need someone who represents people, the irony in the statement is so strong that these writers don't even realize that he was placed there by the people!

So, I would ignore these jokers.


You need to give any Govt a minimum of 2 term to judge. Modi has given us a corruption free ruling for the past 5 years, which in itself is a great achievement considering the congress rule. We have all seen how regional parties under the disguise of coalition looted this country under the able guidance of great Manmohan Singh, who has a long list of qualification but a disaster in providing good Governance. Modi has made structural reforms and brought in transparency. The only fault i guess is that he tried to do too many things too soon. But he atleast tried. We have a Govt which takes decision, some will be good some will not. Every party has anti incumbency irrespective of how good the governance is, that is what happened in 3 states. Unlike congress which was wiped out in previous elections in these states, BJP has given stiff fight, which is commendable. Look at the way the conversion is taking place particularly in Tamil Nadu. He is the one who has the courage to stop these foreign funded NGO's which focuses on conversion. We need to have a BJP Govt for the next 20 years otherwise Hindu's will become minority and lose their identity. To save our democracy, save the culture, save our belief, save our country, save our temples, save our rituals, we need a Govt which believes in all this. BJP is the only one all other parties are trying to appease other religion and go to any extent to abuse Hinduism as politicians know hindu's are punching bag not to be taken seriously. Let us give another chance to Modi and see.


Well-known member
Agree on OP that india deserves better than the personally cults. But to say Indira Gandhi dynasty is more sinister is not correct.

Rahul and Priyanka are anything but sinister. How they handle being in power is to be seen !!