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No Guilt, Do Penance, Live Joyously


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There was a thread about Penance in the religious section, I did not want to write in that section.

Think of heaven and hell as being states of mind, available in the present moment. Live in a heavenly or peaceful, blissful state of mind. The state of mind we're in, at the point of transition, determines where we go in the inner worlds. If we're in a state of guilt we haven't done the prayashchitta. Hinduism is a joy based religion; never be afraid of the Deity. Find a way of adjusting perspective.

"The Hindu does not have to die to have a final judgment or to enter into heaven, for heaven is a state of mind and being fully existent in every human being this very moment. There are people walking on this Earth today who are living in heaven, and there are those who are living in hellish states as well."

A very important point, to think of heaven and hell as also being states of mind. And therefore, available in the present moment to us. So much of Western religion is oriented toward the future. This will happen in the future. You will go to heaven in the future or you will go to hell in the future.

Hinduism is a joy based religion. You should never be afraid of the Deity. Never have the sense for one reason or another that God is punishing us. Or, we don't do this God is going to look at us in a negative way.

Find a way of adjusting our perspective so that we can accept the fact that we're human being, we're not perfect, we have flaws. But, we're working the best we can with them and life is meant to be lived joyously.

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