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Need of Effective Opposition


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Now that the Elections to Parliament is over, and the people have elected an efficient leader with more than adequate support to rule this Country for next five years. Success of Parliamentary Democracy needs a responsible Opposition to apply checks and balances in Governance by the ruling Party.
Unfortunately what we have seen in Parliament in the last five years was disappointing.
Most of the precious working time was wasted on irrelevant issues, which had no use for the development of the Country.
The lack of disciple in the Parliament is worrying and the question arise in our mind why we are unable to rule in the peaceful process of Parliamentary Democracy, envisaged in our Constitution.
I wish we take some time to read an excellent analysis on the working of our Parliament written and presented to Vivekananda International Foundation by (Late) Mr.P.A.Sangma, former Speaker of our Parliament.


Janaki Jambunathan

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Checks and balances? Often Parliamentary democracy results in "checkmate" situation! You see that in British Parliament - Ms. May can not move forward on Brexit which was mandated in a referendum .


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Checks and balances? Often Parliamentary democracy results in "checkmate" situation! You see that in British Parliament - Ms. May can not move forward on Brexit which was mandated in a referendum .

i agreed...some said...DMK always doing walkout in TN assembly....the same DMK MPs will do the same

in delhi.....i like the word by shri Mulayam singh in last day of the parliament...MODI JI has to come back

as PM in parliament...that happened again.....even though Sri Mulayam ji is opposition...still matured


Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Look at Triple Talaq This is SC directed with a time frame - yet to be passed after being cleared by LS It is in ICU as an ordinance!

Aadhar had to be pushed as money Bill!
I wish we take some time to read an excellent analysis on the working of our Parliament written and presented to Vivekananda International Foundation by (Late) Mr.P.A.Sangma, former Speaker of our Parliament.

Brahmanyan Ji,

You are right.

It is said that A Good Governance can only be conducted if there is a Good Opposition.

But our Opposition Leaders are not acting responsibly

There should be constructive criticism

1558771461786-png.7489 Need of Effective Opposition

How can a Government function with such an Opposition Leader...?

Citizen elect their representatives to parliament with a great hope they will ensure good governance, whether it is Ruling party or Opposition.

The role of Opposition is more important as they are expected to question the actions of the Government and point out the irregularities, misdeeds, mismanagement, etc etc

They need to voice against any Bill, that goes against the interest of the common man.

It is reported that for every hour when the parliament is in session, the Government spends nearly 14 lakhs. But do our MPs make best use of the Parliament proceedings by active participation in debates, asking questions of interest on the welfare of common man, etc

One can find, most of our MPs don’t ask critical questions of any Bill that is being introduced like hike in the price of petrol, diesel, etc

On the contrary, they love to stall the proceedings of the House for simple reasons. They shout all in one voice and all unity, they come up with attractive slogans. On one incident, the Speaker called Lok Sabha MPs ‘worse than school children’; adjourned house again.

One can see our representatives unruly behaviour, they rush and storm into the well to disrupt the proceedings.

This will be followed by the speaker ordering ‘Adjournment of the House’.

Go to canteen, enjoy the food, watch social media materials, chit chat, etc etc

This is how our elected representatives discharge their responsibilities.

They don’t take part in rational discussions on issues of national importance. Some of them raise questions, but prefer to stay away from debate.

Read somewhere that strong leaders are made by Opposition, like kites that go up against the wind.

Hope that the Opposition parties raise up to the occasion and discharge their duties more responsibly in the coming days, taking into consideration the interest of the common man.
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Apart from effective opposition, we need equally good Presiding Officer, the Speaker, to maintain orderliness in the conduct of the House.
Former Speaker (Late) P. A. Sangma has given good suggestions in his paper presented to "Vivekananda International Foundation", I copy below the relevant portion for the benefit of our members.

"Rules of Order in the Houses

The Rules of Procedure for the Conduct of Business of the Houses do contain elaborate provisions concerning orderliness in business transaction. These provisions are more often observed only in their breach.

  • Members drown one another in their noisy demands, projecting issues outside the agenda;
  • demand suspension of the Question Hour;
  • do cross talking;
  • don't comply with the instructions of the Chair;
  • repeat arguments in debates, not having done home work on the subjects of debates;
  • often force adjournment of the Houses from hour to hour, day to day;
  • boycott Ministers;
  • pass budgets hurriedly without serious debates, cause guillotining important demands for grants.
In the process what suffers is the performance of the parliament in holding the government to account. The people are seriously concerned with chaotic parliamentary proceedings. Of course, the Presiding Officers can discipline the Members. But they rarely exercise their disciplinary powers in the interests of patiently getting the business through. Ultimately, it is for the parliamentary parties to ensure the orderly conduct of their Members. Either the writ of these parties does not run among its Members or they passively allow the members to create chaos on partisan considerations. The parties should introspect on this matter".

The Speaker, once elected to the post is not the member of the Political Party on which he was elected. He is expected to follow the rules laid for conducting the House, without fear or favour.
As one interested in the success of Parliamentary Democracy adopted by our Constitution, I have been following the Conduct of Parliament under various Speakers.

Our First Speaker Dadasaheb Ganesh Vasudev Mavlanker, who guided the deliberations of India's Parliament with dignity, uprightness and impartiality.
Speaker of the First Lok Sabha of a new born nation, Sri G V Mavalankar established rules, procedures, conventions and customs that suited the ethos of the land. He accomplished all this with patience, perseverance. He observed the decorum of the House and also enforced it on others. He was, undoubtedly, a model Speaker, firm yet flexible, stern yet kind and sympathetic and always fair to all sections of the House.
Pandit Nehru called him as the Father of Lok Sabha.
Another person who occupied the Chair of Speaker who left an impression was (Late) Sri Madabhushi Ananthasayanam Ayyangar. He was a member of Constituent Assembly. A Gandhian to the core and a great Parliamentarian, who was elected as Deputy Speaker of Parliament and became second Speaker after the demise of Sri G.V.Mavlankar. He was firm in dealing with members on issues which had a bearing on the decorum in the House or respect to the Chair. I would consider Sri M Ananthasayanam Ayyangar as one of the good Speakers our Parliament had.
When we consider the names of Speakers our Parliament had, we can't forget (Late) Sri Purno A. Sangma. Though he occupied the Speaker Post for two years only he left an impression as an efficient Speaker who executed his responsibility with such flair and assurance, it seemed that expertise of the job came to him instinctively. He had an unique approach to parliamentary reforms. As a Speaker, he ensured that rules were observed by the members even in the midst of stormy debates. Parliamentary democracy, he observed, meant free debate, objective deliberations and healthy criticism and it was for the Speaker to ensure that these objectives were achieved.

I wish and hope the next Speaker elected by the Parliament will have a lot to do to run the house with dignity and decorum



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Agree w OP.

Not only do we need a strong and effective opposition, we also need fiercely independent insituitions that will preserve rule of law without fear or favour !!

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