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Navaratri Special-The Philosophy behind Navaratri Golu

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Navaratri Special-The Philosophy behind Navaratri Golu

 Navaratri Special-The Philosophy behind Navaratri Golu

Here is a simple philosophy behind Navaratri Golu.

Goes to show how every aspect of Sanatana Dharma has a deeper meaning and context.

In the doll arrangements done for Navaratri, we can see Gods, saints and great men above the ordinary human beings, and animals below them. If human beings have good thoughts and do good to others, they will be raised to great men, then to saints and finally merge with God.

On the other hand, if they tend to have bad thoughts and do evil to others he will go down to the animal level step by step.

The goal of human beings and the reason why we born on earth are evinced in this wonderful festival Navaratri Golu. Whatever situations we are born in, our prime aim should be to merge with God.

This is the philosophy that the Navaratri Golu conveys to us. Mind wanders if it is untamed. Through this festival, we can tame our minds by devotion to God.


Thanks to Sri Kanchi Periyava forum for this article.

Ram Ram.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Happy Navaratri!


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