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Navarathri Pooja Compilation


Life is a dream
Staff member
Navarathri Day 1
Devi : Sri Devi
Flower : Malligai
Neivedhyam : Ven pongal
Thithi : Pradhamai
Kolam : Arisi maavaal (rice flour) pottu kolam poda vendum.(Draw rangoli by using rice flour.)
Raagam : Thodi Raagam

Navarathri Day 2
Flower: Sevvarali
Neivedhyam: Puliyodharai
Thithi: Dwitheeyai
Kolam: Maavinal kolam . (Draw rangoli by using wet flour.)
Raagam: Kalyaani

Navarathri Day 3
Devi: Chandra Shobana
Flower: Champangi
Neivedhyam: Sakkarai pongal
Thithi: Thrutheeyai
Kolam: Malar kolam poda vendum . (Draw rangoli by using flowers-pookolam.)
Raagam: Kaambhodhi

Navarathri Day 4
Devi: Lakshmi (Vishnu patni)
Flower: JaathiMalli
Neivedhyam: Kadhamba Saadham
Thithi: Chathurthi
Kolam: Atchadhai kondu padikattu pola kolamida vendum (Draw rangoli in shape of steps by using atchatai (mix of rice,turmeric,ghee.))
Raagam: Bhairavi

Navarathri Day 5
Devi: Vaishnavi
Flower: Paarijaatham & Mullai
Neivedhyam: Curd Rice
Thithi: Panchami
Kolam: Kadalai maavaal paravai kolam poda vendum (Draw a bird like rangoli by using Bengal gram flour.)
Raagam: Panchamaavaranai keerthanai paada vendum.bandhuvaraali

Navarathri Day 6
Devi : Varaaroha
Flower: Semparuthi
Neivedhyam: Coconut rice
Thithi: Sashti
Kolam: Kadalai maavinaal Devi naamathai kolamida vendum (Write the name of the goddess using Bengal gram flour.)
Raagam: Neelaambari

Navarathri Day 7
Devi: Saraswathi
Flower: Malligai & mullai
Neivedhyam: Lemon rice
Thithi: Sapthami
Kolam: Narumana malargalaal kolamida vendum (Draw rangoli by using fragrant flowers-pookolam.)
Raagam: Bilahari

Navarathri Day 8
Devi: Shangrini ( Durga)
Flower: Roja
Neivedhyam: Paayasaannam
Thithi: Ashtami
Kolam: Padma kolam (Draw traditional lotus shaped rangoli)
Raagam: Punnagavaraali

Navarathri Day 9
Devi: Haripriya
Flower: Thaamarai
Neivedhyam: Akaaravadisil
Thithi: Navami
Kolam: Vaasanai podigalal aayudham pola kola mida vendum (Draw weapon shaped rangoli by using fragrant powder.)
Raagam: Vasantha raagam

Vijaya dasami
Devi: Vijaya Lakshmi
Flower: Malligai,Roja
Neivedhyam: Sakkarai pongal,sweets
Thithi: Dasami

Slokam : Sridevi Amruthotha bhootha Kamala Chandra Shobana
Vishnu patni Vaishnavi cha Varaaroha cha Shangrini
Haripriya Devadevi Mahalakshmi cha Sundari.

Happy Navarathri and Vijaya Dasami to all...

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