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National Elections - 2019 prepoll prediction !


Well-known member
In a multitude of uncertainties about the 2019 polls, there is one fact we can all agree on: This will not be a wave election. There is neither an upsurge of support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor any sort of mass rage against him (of the kind the Congress had to face in 2014).

On the ground, there is, however, clear discontent and simmering anger with the government over economic issues, especially the jobs crisis and agrarian distress. This can erupt in many localised pockets.The Bharatiya Janata Party strategy — apart from redressal through welfare schemes in the interim budget — is to look for other headlines to deflect from the narrative about a desultory economic situation. Hindutva is one such election headline and corruption is evidently the other.

Both the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) swoop in West Bengal in relation to a chit fund scam and the interrogation of Robert Vadra by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on charges of money laundering are to fortify this counter-narrative. The problem is this: The BJP has got its timing all wrong.


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