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Life is a dream
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The angry incarnation of Vishnu in the form of man-lion is another popular incarnation of Vishnu. He emanated from a pillar to kill Hiranya Kasipu.

Govinda, Kesava, Janardhana, Vasudeva,
Viswesa, Viswa, Madhu sudhana, Viswaroopa,
Sri Padmanabha Purushothama, Pushkaraksha,
Narayana achyutha Narasimha namo Namasthe

Salutations ans salutations to Lord Narasimha,
Who lifted the earth?
Who killed the asura called Kesi.
Who takes care of woes of people?
Who hides the world by illusion?
Who is the Lord of the universe?
Who is universe itself?
Who killed the asura called Madhu?
Who has form like the universe?
Who has a lotus on his belly?
Who is the greatest among males?
And who has lotus like eyes.

Translated By P.R.Ramachander
Hi i think with regard to narasimha devata prayer, you have to chant moola mantra of lord narasimha? ie. the slogam is as follows:
Ugram veeram maha vishnum jwalantham sarvado mugam nrusimham beeshanam pathram mrithu mrithum namamyaham
ughram veeram maha vishnum
jwalantham sarvatho mukham
narasimhamam bheeshanam
bhadram mrithyu mrithyam

the above is used,when we know,that from the navamsham,if the house where the athma karakan is residing,then 12 th house from the athma karakan residing,becomes the house of ishta devatha.for example,if dhanush rasi aka sagittarius is the house where athma karakan is residing,then vrichika rasi becomes the house of ishta devata;thereby owner of the house of vrichikam,is lord narasimhar.therefpre when you chant the above mantram,automatically,the anti-god,sentiments within you,will get busted,and you will attain moksham.like this every individual,can find out his/her ishta devata and chant the mantras appropriately.

the above is for vaishnavas,sv,smarthas etc commonly adopted.

those who are shaiva sampradaya,and are particular to chant,mantras from shiva-shakthi puranam,they can substitute lord skanda aka lord murugan aka lord shanmugha etc kandar anubhuthi,kandar shasti kavacham,kanda mahima etc.especially on a tuesday.lord chevvai aka mars is the graham for propitiation,for moksham,with jathakam like above example.
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