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So, a little presentation, is the object of this thread-box :

I've been registered on this forum for quite some time now, but, due to odd technical problems, couldn't actually login until very recently.

First, what's this odd pseudonym : "Schtroumpf" is french (yes, I have the unfortunate priviledge of having been born in that odd country) for Smurfs, and 42's a number which followed me in its own peculiar way (oh, and yes, it also has something to do with a past profession in computers).

Why am I here : Sanata Dharma, Jyotish, and a few other subjects ...

As you can maybe see in this introduction with odd phrases, linear thinking is something I didn't really ever get along too well with.

Oh, and please accept my deepest apologies for this computer tool making it so difficult to write DevNagari, and my present complete ignorance of (quite beautifully curvy) Tamil script.