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My experience with TB Forum.


Underneath the T.B.Forum
Came and rest with decorum.
Between the cherished write-ups,
Branches of wisdom and journalism,
Brimming with optimism
With nationalism and patriotism.

Screaming voices,
Pointing fingers,
Crushing the blame,
Haunting the guilt,
None escapes prism,
All with altruism but no racism or facism.

Sir, I admit your general rule,
Every writer is a boon,
None becomes bane.
Concept is good.
At times trembles and shakes,
Trending towards ripples.

Activism adorning criticism,
Bounces with electric rhythm.
Forgetting the art of human magnetism.
Pride and prejudice
Keeps us together.
I say what I cherish,
A faith without which I will perish.


Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
You will find the proof for the sterling statement

"Survival of the fittest!" here in this forum! :)

One who makes oneself indispensable... will move up!

One who imagines oneself to be indispensable...will move out!

Life here is as simple as that!!!

You must have noticed this since You have been here longer than me! :)


vijiseeni ji,

You are right about the Forum, but there is also other side..

கற்றது கைமண் அளவு கல்லாதது உலகளவு என்பது அவ்வையின் அமுத மொழி (ஆத்திச்சூடி) :)


May i seek a clarification for the phrase "survival of the fittest"---?
When I referred a book The Principles of biology, the author Herbert Spencer referred the phrase twice :
1)"This survival of the fittest , implies multiplication of the fittest"
2)"This survival of the fittest is that which Mr.Darwin has called 'natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life

By ' fittest 'both Mr Darwin and Spencer did not have in mind the commonly used meaning of the word now , that is," the mostly trained and physically energetic.'
I hope you are referring 1 rather than 2

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
Dear sir,

WE DO NOT multiply here in this forum. :baby:... :baby:... :baby:
If at all our posts multiply - :bump2: :bump2: :bump2:

provided we are "trained and physically energetic" ( as you have put it)

So here is a successful combination of both these concepts! :)


Well-known member
My Experience with TB forum is very simple.. " There Are Some People In this Forum who are prepared to "TOLERATE " Me ...Still...!!