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My Dramas

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House Hunt
My first Tamil skit House Hunt ( வீடு தேடும் படலம் or வீடும் பாடும்) was staged by Kala Nilayam of Bombay at the King George school, Matunga on 11th June, 1966 and subsequently at Raja Annamalai hall at Madras on 17th October 1968. The synopsis of the story is given in the pamphlet enclosed. This drama was very well received by an appreciative audience.









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Dear Moorthyji,
Thank you for your nice words. I do not know how the photos go missing. I have received a similar complaint previously also regading the drawings which I posted.
Normally, I take photograph of my drawings and store them as images in my iPad from which I post them in my Facebook and from Facebook, I transfer them to tamilbrahmins.com. Still I do not know how the photos go invisible.
I will try the new links suggested by you. Thanking you


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Shri Guru,

You are multi talented and multi faceted personality! Your contributions are well thought and presented! Hats off to you!!


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My Tamil drama புகழேங்கி which was first published as a short story in Vanmathi ( வான்மதி) magazine was expanded into a half drama by me and was staged by Kalanilayam, Bombay at King George hall, Matunga on May 6th, 1967. There was also a small review in the Hindu saying that it was well received by an appreciative audience. The synopsis of the story is presented in the brochure brought out on the occassion.



I was very happy to read this post. My dad was an active member of Kala Nilayam troupe in Mumbai in the 60s. His name is K.S.Gopalkrishnan. In your above post, his name is mentioned as "Landlord 3". I attended many tamil dramas when I was young. I distinctly remember dramas like "Under Secretary", " 10 pm" etc.

I am now married Balan's niece. Balan uncle and my dad had acted in several dramas.

Can you guide me to help to get some old photographs of those tamil dramas ?
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