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My Close Encounters with Mamas - Part 2


Active member
My Close Encounters with Mamas - Part - 2

- Anand Kumar R.S

Some time back, I wrote a piece on different types of Tambrahm Mamas we encounter in our lives. This piece is in continuation of the same. To get the right context, I suggest you to read Part 1 (link here) in case you haven’t before. Even if you have read that before, please read now to get a recap!
So, in continuation to the mama types described in that piece, here are some more!
Detail oriented Mamas: I would say most Tambrahm mamas fall in this category. In general, as a tribe we like to give a lot of details even when it is not called for. For example:
Person 1: Enna Saar, Walking innikku evalavu rounds?
Anybody else would just probably give an answer like – “10 rounds” or “5 rounds Saar” and end the matter. But a Tambrahm mama would most probably answer like this:
Mama: Intha Garden la, outside circle is 1 Km and I usually do 5 rounds of that. Inside circle is 500m. And I do 10 rounds of that. So if you go by outside circle it is 5+5= 10 rounds. And if you go by inside circle, it is 10+10 =20 rounds!! Purinjutha kanakku?
Person 1 (Mind voice): Summa oru pechukku ketta, maths classe edukaraare, intha mama?

Dimension Mamas: There are mamas who simply like to talk based on dimensions. Sample this:
A mama is going to see a house for renting along with a broker.
Mama: Veedu enna area?
Broker: 900 Sq ft Saar
Mama: Carpet area va, Built up pa?
Broker: Built up Saar
Mama: Built up a, Super built up a? Carpet area evalavu –600 aavathu irukuma?
Broker: Athu theriyaathu Saar, owner kitta thaan kekkanum
Mama: Bed room enna size? 10*12 aa?
Broker: Exacta theriyala Saar.
Mama: 10*12 thaan. Paathale theriyarathe!
Broker: Mind voice (Theriyuthu la, appo yen saar kekkareenga?)
Mama: Ceiling evalavu height irukkum? 8 ft aa?
Broker: Irukkum Saar oru 8 feet. Next time naan oru tape oda varren Saar!
Mama: Water supply eppadi?
Broker: 24 hours Saar!
Mama: Bore Well thanniya illa, Drinking watera?
Broker: Rendum varum Saar! Correcta Owner kitta thaan kekkanum.
Mama: Currentu?
Broker: Athuvum 24 hours Saar.
Mama: 24 Hours sari, single phase supplya illa double phasea??
Broker: Saar enna aala vidunga. Naan ownera vara solren. Avar kittaye neenga pesikunga!
Mama: Broker na ithellam therinju vechukka vendaama? Product oda ella detailsum tipsla irukkanum pa! Naan antha kaalathula Kirloskar company la generator marketing departmentla steno va irunthen. Generatoroda specifications ellam enakku innaikkum athuppadi theriyumo?

Cynical/Suspicious Mamas: These mamas are 24*7 paranoid about something or other. They smell conspiracy theory in anything and everything out of obsessive suspicion and mistrust. Like this:
EVM romba safe appadi ippadi nnu solraale, appo yen intha Japan, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany la ellam EVM mma discontinue panni ippo paper ballots thaan use panraalaame?
Aammaam, nethikku intha Afghanistan kooda thokka vendiya match la kadasila India Jeyichuthe? Match fixing aa irukumo? Enna anaalum, Afghanistan payalgalukku IPL contract venume?

Time oriented Mamas: These mamas are always particular about time in whatever they do. When they speak, it is usually like this:
Naan 7.25 kku dinnera mudichuduven. Apparam oru 5 mins rest eduppen. Apparam oru 25 mins garden la nadanthuttu varuven. 8.00 lenthu 10 varaikum serial! 10.05 kku taannu thoongiduven… I maintain my daily routine perfectly.
Naan every day – 12 mins walking poven. 15 mins pranaayam pannuven….

WhatsApp Mama: For this mama, WhatsApp is everything. Mostly retired, his most part of the day goes in checking messages and forwards in WhatsApp! His worldview and opinions are formed based on what is seen on WhatsApp that morning!
Ungalukku theriyumo theriyaatho, Taj Mahal iruntha edathula oru sivan kovil irunthuthaam. Innikku WhatsApp la vanthurukku. Pinnu pinnu nu pinni eduthirukkaan!
Intha kaalathula video conferencing patthi perisaa pesindu irukka! Mahabharatam time leye, video conferencing irunthurukku! WhatsApp la proof oda potturukkaan. Naan forward panren. Paarungo!
Nit picking/Fault finding Mamas: These mamas get some kind of pleasure in finding fault with everything around them. It could be in their own house, apartment complex, town, city, country and so on.
Swachh Bharat ellam photovoda sari! Road ellam kuppaiya thaan irukku!
Uppuma nkarathugaaga ivalavu uppu poduvaalo?

Attention seeking/Jovial mamas: These mamas are usually the centre of attraction in any gathering. They usually regale people around them with stories, jokes and quotable quotes. Something like this:
Antha kaalathula kalyanathukku minnala, ponnu amma kitta recipe ellam kettu note bookla ezhuthi vechuppa. Ippo ellam ammakale – “Vaarathula oru naal samaikka poraai. Athukku ethukku recipe ellam? Google panni paathukko” nnu solliyudara!
Naan china vayasula violin kathunden. Ippo nalla use aagarathu. Ippo wifeukku aathula second fiddle vaasichundu irukken!
Do you know what the definition of a good diplomat is? – One who has learnt to remain silent in six languages!!!

And so on!
There could be more. Please do add to the list in the comments section with anecdotes of the mama type!

For more Tambrahmism posts - do visit and follow: https://tambrahmism.wordpress.com
After reading your 2 parts i can say there are many mamas with many types and hence hereafter my brain will work like one of the type mama as mathematician to draw ven diagram and kepp everyone in the diagram and find out how many are in intersection and how many are in the middle section with all types.

Really enjoyable to read.
After reading your 2 parts i can say there are many mamas with many types and hence hereafter my brain will work like one of the type mama as mathematician to draw ven diagram and kepp everyone in the diagram and find out how many are in intersection and how many are in the middle section with all types.

Really enjoyable to read.
Thanks - Appreciate your feedback!
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