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Motion of Time - Happy 2018

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The Stars, sun, moon and earth
All the matter and beings in their girth
Are subject to motion of time and age
Is there a way to stop time's rage..?

Motion is moving in three dimensions
Guided by our own volition
Time is movement in fourth dimension
Of space that is completely hidden..

Concept of space-time appears thus
Encapsulating all the Universe
In three dimensions, which moves fast
It's time dimension progress is lost..

Thus photons do not see time ever
Because they stop moving never
Loss of motion is what we call mass
Gathering mass gives us time and its flaws..

Body or mind, when they gather mass
Or when their agility is at loss
Time manifests and aging starts
Disintegrates them into their parts

The quarks, electrons in an atom
Galaxies, black-holes in their bottom
All of them move with a single aim
To slow their motion in dimension of time..

Let's move ahead, change and evolve
Let there be no mass; let it dissolve
Let the times come and times go
Let our motion ever grow..

Happy 2018

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