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Morning Kaapi - what's your pick?

Which brand of coffee do you mostly relate to

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Kanchi Mahaperiyavaa, our beloved Paramacharya, has told that drinking coffee is tamasic and it should be avoided at all costs. His Holiness strictly prohibited coffee with a sternness equal to his tone while banning silk clothes (ahmisa). In fact, His Holiness clearly told many times that brahmins should never consume tamasic drinks such as coffee and tea. Hope we all try and live by His teachings, starting with a simple sadana such as avoiding coffee. Sad that so many of us brahmins here extol a beverage banned by our Paramacharya.

acharya said many times about simple marriage without dowry and big weddings....how many of us ready to

follow?....we are in the era CONVENIENCE......if anything convenient ppl follow and preach...especialy

many close devotees are using ACHARYA's photos in famous brahmin hotels/coffeee stores..


This thread is in the Chit-Chat section.
No disrespect to anyone.

☕😢 I think he also follows celibacy. LOL
True that he is a parama naishtika brahmachari. However, he did not advocate brahmacharya for everyone since grihastashrama dharma is also a very noble path. But he was quite vocal in advocating about not drinking coffee or tea in several of his speeches. In fact, I was deeply thinking about this early in the morning today, over a nice cup of hot coffee. :))))

Only the very bests to you all.


i heard this....is it hotel name murali too?....
It is small coffee shop run by Mr Murali. His formula for coffee-making has won him fame. Only coffee is available. Nothing else. It is very near Rajagopuram of Srirangam. 6 a.m. to 7.30 or 8 a.m. Evening 4 to 7. Very delectable coffee. I usually drink 2 coffees at a time.