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'ModiCare' to be implemented from October 2

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Will Modicare ensure Modi's reelection in 2019...There is so much of rural distress...The budget is likely to spur growth in rural areas!! Looking at Rajasthan where BJP lost all the 3 polls 2 days back it looks like Modi has to do something momentous before the next elections!!

[h=1]'ModiCare' to be implemented from October 2[/h]February 02, 2018 17:43

[HR][/HR] The National health protection scheme announced in the Union Budget 2018-19 will be implemented from October 2.

Touted as ModiCare, the scheme is envisaged to provide medical cover of up to Rs 5 lakh to over 10 crore poor and vulnerable families, constituting 40 per cent of total population.

On Thursday, Jaitley in his Budget speech said, "We are all aware that lakhs of families in our country have to borrow or sell assets to receive indoor treatment in hospitals. Government is seriously concerned about such impoverishment of poor and vulnerable families. Present RSBY provide annual coverage of only Rs 30,000 to poor families."

Several state governments have also implemented supplemented health protection schemes providing varying coverage, he had said in the Lok Sabha.

The finance minister also advocated that the central and the state government can pool in resources for healthcare to achieve efficiency.



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recent rajasthan results are wake up call for bjp....even gujarat elections are not well for bjp..
Apollo Hospital Chairman Dr.Pratap Reddy welcomed Centers announcement of new Health Insurance coverage for 10 crore families as it will benefit the poor and the needy.

[h=1]A big Thumps Up To 'Modicare' [/h]

[FONT=&quot]Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation after the presentation of Union Budget 2018-19 in New Delhi on Feb1, 2018. (Photo: Video Grab/IANS)[/FONT]

The Budget 2018 has received rave reviews from the healthcare industry experts. They believe that it will not only give a boost to the
healthcare industry , but also help provide quality healthcare to millions of poor Indians. The National Healthcare Protection Scheme (NHPS), many believe, is the world’s largest health insurance scheme—which the finance minister has called ‘Modicare.’ Here is who said what:

Dr Prathap Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals

My heartiest congratulations to the government for investing in creating a swasth bharat by launching the Ayushman Bharat programme. Such ambitious out- of- the- box thinking was a need of the hour and the government has not disappointed. The initiative to cover 10 crore families with 5 lakh per family/per year with insurance cover for secondary and tertiary healthcare will be a gamechanger.

Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The world's largest government's funded healthcare program - National Healthcare Protection Scheme (NHPS)-- announced by our the government, with approximately 500 million beneficiaries is a welcome move. It will not only help millions of poor Indians get quality healthcare, but will also create several lakh new jobs in the country as new healthcare facilities will come up in smaller districts and villages.

Mr. Pavan Choudary, Chairman & DG, MTaI

The custom duty on medical devices have been increased. It is surprising that on one hand, the government is giving healthcare relief to the common man, on the other it is reducing the extent of this relief by increasing custom duties in a category where 70% of the products are still imported.

Read more at: http://www.healthpost.in/news/a-big-thumps-up-to--modicare--699
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