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Modi may be an idealist, but his chamcha's are corrupt.


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I am in India, this is my personal experiences.
I heard so much about progress and roads in Gujarat, I was totally disappointed.
We traveled on road from Dwaraka to Somnath. The road is bad. Dwaraka to bet Dwarka is a by boat, and you are at the mercy of goondas managing the crossing. In Goa is similar crossing is managed and orderly.
By government ferry. Similarly, In TN there is a ferry from Cape to Vivekananda Rock.

After the propaganda in Somnath distorting the history in the light and sound show, we proceeded to Bhavnagar. The highway is under construction for the last 5 years. Currently, there is no road. The weather cooperated, thanks to Modi I suppose. We reached Ahmedabad and ended our Gujarat misadventure.
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My friend, a close associate of Jaitley bought a Inr 25cr property, and declared that he paid Inr 10cr in black. He is against others having black money, and claims the Modi has eliminated black money. What a laugh.
My cousin a vocal Modi Bhakt in Chennai sold his property for Inr 30lacs, and collected Inr 10lacs in black.
What a farce?

I had some dental work in Jaipur. The dentist charged Inr 70000 cash and no receipt, I suppose that is black for 2 hours of work.

Black money is flourishing, corruption is rampant, but India is vibrant and thriving.
My friends and relatives most of them Modi Bhakts are richer and happier that Modi is the PM.
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Agree. The so called Gujarat model was hyped to stratospheric levels and many commentators warned the people.

This is the classic problem of promising the moon and then failing to deliver.

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