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Modi Government Score Card for the last 4.3 years


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Only in india we have this habit of disputing "facts" !!

routinely politicians will deny what is captured TV..LOL.

on demonetisation -

1. As per govt data, GDP went down by 2%. Anyone with economics background will tell you, this is a massive impact.

2. GDP being down 2% means millions of businesses closed and massive job loss,

3. As per this govt agri ministry, the demonetisation broke the backbone of farmers leading to unprecented riots and protests from every state in india. Common sense question - when did we have such massive farmer protests in the last 78 yrs???

4. Why did the banks NPA shoot up from 2 lakh crores to 8 lakh crores after demo and to 18 lakh crores after GST ?? As per govts data. Because millions of businesses shut down and hence did not repay all the bank loans leading to massive NPA.

5. Why did ILFs and IDBI collapse due to debt default ??? If businesses close down, what happens to those loans take n by them ?? Common sense works in almost all cases.

Now in the backdrop of this disaster, do we need to talk about any silly benefits like cashless etc...

Sadly in in india the educated people have failed to rise up and hold this govt on its utter failure. But luckily for us the uneducated farmers who we always blamed are holding this govt responsible and voting them out,


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Again we are losing the war on semantics.

Narasimha Rao was the most visionary govt and he was a statesman unparalleled. But he had to purchase 4 jmm MPs to form the govt. common sense- if one can uplift 100s of millions by bribing 4 idiots, then just do it. Don't get into ideological debates.

china has without doubt risen up like a pheonix and build such extraordinary cities and towns, they can rival any American or European state,

now chinas communist party is the most corrupt and they followed a official policy of stealing from the west to uplift their billion poor. And I commend them for that.

Corruption is not the issue guys, our peoples lives and lievelyhood are,

our farmers are starring at poverty and certain death due to the disastrous policies of this govt.

only if you will analyse with an open mind with the facts in front of you !!
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Finally this is not about hatred. Somehow there is a narrative in india that anyone who opposes this govt is anti Modi. Not true !!

many of us are genuinely worried about the misguided policies and many of us warned the govt in 2016 when the demo was announced.

now you can see, we are absolutely right - collapse of informal sector, job loss, debt contagion etc..

Guys this is economics and remember many of us are extremely well educated and experienced here. Not to mention many stellar economists like Raghuram Rajan opposed demo.


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Good one Krishna !

This is what I wrote on the other post under the politics threads. uppercastes traders, farmers and businessmen in north are so upset with demonetisation and GST, they will vote enmasse against this govt. they are not going to take the reservation lollipop.

They will not get even 50 Loksabha seats. There is a volcanic anger in the people who lost due to demo and GST. Imagine you are doing really well in life and making s lot of money and suddenly the govt messes up the economy and you are in a massive crisis due to that. You will not listen to anything else but just vote them out.


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Q : Why did you remove Raghuram Rajan?
A : Nehru insulted Sardar Patel.
Q : Why did you remove Urjit Patel?
A : Sonia Gandhi was an Italian
Q : Why did you sack Alok Verma as CBI chief?
A : Rahul Gandhi insulted woman.