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Modi Government Score Card for the last 4.3 years

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The latest attempt by the Indian government to rescue troubled state-owned banks falls “far short of what is really required,” ratings agency Moody’s said Tuesday.

Authorities in the third-largest economy in Asia announced last week their plans to inject 881.4 billion rupees ($13.8 billion) into 20 state-run lenders by March. But to receive the much-needed funds to clean up their balance sheets, the banks must implement a series of reforms.

“What the government has done is extremely necessary for the near term, which is you simply need to recapitalize these banks appropriately,” Srikanth Vadlamani, a vice president and senior credit officer at Moody’s, told CNBC.

“At the same time, the government recognizes that there are significant corporate governance issues and they have been saying that capital infusion will be accompanied by corporate governance reforms. But when we look at what are the actual reforms that have been announced, we think they fall far short of what is really required,” he added.

The reforms requested by the government include having board members monitor a bank’s performance more frequently, improving due diligence when handing out loans and implementing a better system to recover stressed assets. Those measures, while helpful, are merely the “fine tuning” of some internal processes, noted Vadlamani.
”(The banking trouble) has not been a one-off phenomenon. There are structural underlying corporate governance issues and we don’t think the government goes far enough to address them,” he said.



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A possible debate was filibustered with 'C ing and P ing'
A person who cannot write a few lines of cogent ideas want to fillibuster with C&P of lot of useless content. Can never understand what motivates such actions.

With such practices, there can be never a good and engaging discussions in this forum.


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The trolls are out.
People who have not contributed to the site are upset and jealous of people posting in this site.
They are trying and divide and conquer the people who really support this site.
They should look in the mirror first, They are ignorant of India, Indian Politics, Indian Languages, and Indian Culture.
Please learn about India, Hinduism, Hindi, Etc.
First, you have to admit that you are ignorant, then you have to learn by researching various sources, just depending on your WhatsApp group is not enough.


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As for demonetisation, it utterly failed to achieve its goals to reduce corruption, increase tax compliance and move to a less cash driven economy. The main impact was negative: to cause lasting damage to the large informal sector.

Yet, perhaps the most insidious and long lasting damage wrought by the BJP in the past five years is the degradation of institutions, to the point where they’ve been politicised beyond recognition — everything from the armed forces to the central bank. Institutions in India have always been weak, but far from strengthening them, as his campaign rhetoric suggested he would do, Modi has done more to capture institutions than the UPA ever did.

With such a bleak record, it is no wonder that the BJP has returned to communal politics like never before, openly pushing a Hindu supremacist agenda.

If the BJP’s 2014 election campaign was marked by a narrative of hope, aspiration and change, its 2019 counterpart has been angry and polarising. Voters have to ask themselves why, and what this ugly campaign foretells for the nation if the BJP wins again.


Janaki Jambunathan

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If the BJP’s 2014 election campaign was marked by a narrative of hope, aspiration and change, its 2019 counterpart has been angry and polarising. Voters have to ask themselves why, and what this ugly campaign foretells for the nation if the BJP wins again.(#382)

At 9.00PM PM.wii be responding to such questions in an interview to Rahul and Navika of Times Now . You may not be happy about his responses - but he is not avoiding such questions!


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The issue is not about not liking the answer. It is about opinions vs facts !!

Has this govt delivered on the promises made in 2014 ??? The unfortunate answer is a Big No !!!

Result of 5 yrs (facts) - 45 yr joblessness, Milions of traders are out of business, Massive Bank debt contagion (ilfs collapse, IDBI collapse, ..) farmer crisis, etc...

Rest are just opinions..


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Modi did give an answer about perceptions vs performance - you have the right to disagree!
Fair enough ! Just so to clarify, many of us don't hate the leader or the party. And definitely not against the Hindu ideology, why will any of us be against, when many of us are devoutly hindus.

But we are "alarmed" by the "the lynchistan, Gau rakshaks running riot and killing people", the continued communal hate rhetoric, vindictive IT raids" contrary to Sabka saath Sabka Vikas !!!


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Just read the urban turnout is extremely low, case in point Bangalore.

To me, this shows, the ruling party seems to be on the defensive, as they had expected the "protected and well off" urban youth to turn out in large numbers.

Rural voters are anyway in dire straights, so the wave if any is expected to be negative,


Well-known member

Finally the govt itself ack. the economy slowdown. LOL !

Not sure why they announced it in the middle of the elections.

It may be either due to international grading agencies threatened to downgrade if they don't get accurate economy reports (lol) OR the reality that the elections are slipping away and ack. the economy slowdown may assuage the people's anger.

Remember many farmer organisations are upset that this govt refuses to even ack. that there is a agrarian crisis. !!


I think we have gone over board in criticizing PM Modi! Do you agree with following?

Maj Gen Karnik's appeal for 2019 elections: “WHY OPPOSE Mr MODI” ?

1 Is Mr Modi, a foreigner ?
Has he had politically questionable life and is of bad character ?
Has he given any advantage, to his relatives, because he is on highest post of India ?
Is he anti national ?
Does he avoid work ?
Is he irresponsible ?
Is he imbalanced ?

2. The answers to all these questions, is a big NO. Then why are people developing an allergy to his name ?

3. It is a conspiracy of thieves, corrupt people, and media who misused their power, when in the Congress government and those who got undue favours from Congress government. Such people are misguiding general public and smartly organising negative propaganda, so they can loot the country again, as they were able to do so till 2014. Till 2014, these thieves, corrupt Deshdrohis were ruling us.

Mr Vajpayee was not supported by us in 2004, and we all had to suffer for 10 years. Now, if Mr Modi does not continue, we will be :-

(a) Misruled for a 100 years,
(b) This country will be divided, and,
(c) once again we, specially Hindus, (if at all, Hindus survive) will be slaves.

3. Many are accusing Mr Modi for :-
(a) Not building Ram Mandir.
(b) Not removing Article 370.
(c) Sharing government, with the PDP in J & K.
(d) Not depositing Rs 15 lakhs, in everyone’s account.
(e) Demonetizing currency.
(f) Dictatorial tendency.
(g) Being anti poor.
(h) Not giving “Acche Din”.

4. Ask yourself :-
(a) Did you get 100% marks in all subjects in examinations ?
(b) Did you purchase a house during your first job in the very 1st first year ?
(c) Do you build the fifth floor first or do you complete the foundation of the house, first ?
(d) While starting the car, do you apply fifth gear 1st, instead of first gear ?

5. Also Ask yourself a :-
(a) Who has the ability to build a Ram Mandir, ultimately?
(b) Who has the ability to have a stable government?
(c) Who can remove Article 370?
(d) Who can look after poor people of India & bring them out of poverty ?
(e) Who can ensure security of India ?
(f) Who can ensure that India is not broken ?
(g) Who is working 24 hours a day for welfare of people ?

6. Think over this :--
a. Who partioned this country ?
b. Who called for cease fire, when we were winning during 1947 and left 1/3 J & K with Pakistan ? This has become constant source of trouble for us and for our generations to come.
c. Who was in power, when China humiliated this country ?
d. Who was in power when Mumbai blasts took place ?
e. Who killed 4000 Sikhs in riots ?
f. Who allowed and encouraged illegal Bangladeshis to enter and settle in India ?
g. Under whom, maximum corruption took place ?
h. Who returned Captured territory in 1965, like Hajipir Pass and returned one lakh POW’s of Pakistan, without any return in 1971 ?
i. Who was in government, when Kashmiri Pandits were driven out from J & K ?
j. Who removed Doordarshan logo “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”?
k. Who removed “Satyameva Jayate” from our coins ?
l. Who treated Hindus as second class citizens ?
m. Who, as per Article 30 (A), directed, that Gita and Ramayana cannot be taught in schools but allowed, teaching of Koran & Bible ?
n. Who took away 70 % of Hindu temple earnings & gave it to Masjid’s and Church’s ?
o. Who granted subsidy for Haj and taxed Amarnath yatra ?
p. Who kept 80 % of Indian people, poor, for the last about 70 years ?
q. Who favoured minorities, out of proportion ?

7. Murders :--
(a) Who killed Lal Bahadur Shastri when he was becoming a threat to Indira Gandhi ?
(b) Who killed Shyama Prasad Mukerjee and Deena Dayal Upadhyaya, when they were a threat to the Congress ?
(c) Who killed Veer Bahadur Singh, Rajesh Pilot, Mr Madhavrao Scindia, when they were emerging as a challenge to the dynasty of the great Gandhi Parivar ?

9. If NOT MODI, whom do you want to govern INDIA ? :--
a. Gandhi parivar
b. Mulayam or Akhilesh Yadav
c. Mamta Banerjee
d. Mayawati
e. Lalu or Tejaswi
f. Communists
g. MQM
h. Thackerays
I. Chandrababu Naidu
j. Deve Gowda and family
k. Karunanidhi and family
& so many other like minded, pseudo secularists, corrupted & so called nationalists.


LOGIC says that, Mr Modi should continue for next 10 to 15 years. In that case, please educate :-
(a) the poor & illiterate people of India, who sell their vote for a paltry sum of Rs 500/-, a sari and a bottle of liquor
(b) ignorant educated people, specially Hindus, who are NOT aware of what is going to happen, if anyone else, but Mr Modi comes to power.

Forget ugly politics if you have a long vision and think about the stability of your upcoming generations.

Mahagadbandhan will NOT treat the public in an equal way, like Modi is treating all communities. no one is getting extra favours and benefits for vote bank politics.

I don’t like to be a secondary citizen in India and I do not favour unnecessary minority favoritism, so I will vote for MODI.
Well said Vgane(sh)!
-Swami Ganesh


Well-known member
Read this..what a terrible tragedy !! No food at home to eat, 2 young kids, and they are starring into the oblivion. Post note gandi, all fields are empty and now work from MNREGA etc..



Well-known member
I think she said, No work from MNREGA, this scheme has not reached or does not work in these villages.

My Hindi understanding is not great, people can correct my statement as required.


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இன்று மோடியை விமர்சிக்கும் அதே டைம் அன்று மோடியை கொண்டாடியது. இனி இவர் பயன்பட மாட்டார் என்று கார்பொரேட் கை கழுவி விட்டது.



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How Bhakts reacted
1. When Modi was nominated for Time Person of the Year award.
2. When Time called Modi: "India's divider in chief"



Well-known member
டைம்ஸ்காரன் பாராட்டிருக்கான்னு நெனச்சு மாட்டு மூத்திர சங்கிக இத போஸ்டரா ஒட்டி பரப்பிட்டிருக்குதுக


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Modi Govt achievement -Building of Toilets in rural india.

Improvement of rural infrastructure -roads,bridges

Gas connections to lakhs of poor homes.

His negatives-Divisive ideology of promoting hindu voters and sidelining primarilly muslim minorities to

appease his core voters who felt that UPA promoted minority vote banks by playing the secular card.

Hate politics leading to lynching of muslims and cow politics

He has created a new class of young voters falling under the category of aspirational india who are Modi

Bhakths for whom Modi can do no wrong.

His performance is better than UPA2 but worser than UPA1.

Whether he will win another term nobody knows.

But NDA is likely to fall short of 272 and end up with 235 or so.


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Indian Rupee per US Dollar
Five years ago: 59.8
Four years ago: 63.8
Three years ago: 67.3
Two years ago: 64.5
One year ago: 67.6
Now: 70
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