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Modi Government Score Card for the last 4.3 years


Well-known member
There goes the arguments on development, anti corruption, multiple govt schemes delivering to poor goes out of the window !!



Well-known member
1. Some hard data.
Source : Twitter feed of Rajeev [email protected]

Corporate Tax growth 2004-2014 - 20.04%.
Corporate Tax growth 2014-2018 - 9.7%
Income Tax Growth 2004-2014 -19.4%.
Income Tax Growth 2014- 2018 - 14.7%
Sensex Growth 2004-2014- 18.1%
Sensex EPS 2004-2014- 17.4%

2. Sensex Growth 2014-2018- 11.1%

Sensex EPS Growth 2014-2018- 6. 4%
Exports Growth 2004-2014- 17.3%
Exports Growth 2014-2018- -0.9% ☝
This has led to the ballooning of NPAs from 0.85 lac crores in 2011 to 10.41 lac crores in 2018.

3. No wonder no new jobs have been created because of muted growth & exports regressing (All data taken directly from Govt Dept websites) The only sector where jobs were being created was E-commerce. @narendramodi has decided to close that avenue as well to benefit his friends

4. Walmart looks like will exit the Flipkart venture. Amazon is curtailing its India investments. All startups hounded with ridiculous 'angel tax'. Banks asked to pay a retrospective tax of 46000 Crs on 'free services' rendered to customers. Ease of doing business anyone?

5. Airtel's rating downgraded to junk(today's ET). Voda-Idea has asked @PMOIndia to give more time to pay spectrum fees(yesterday's ET). We r looking at massive job losses & NPAs in the telecom and e-commerce sector.

6. India's job data worst in more than 40 years. The Economy is in complete doldrums. Social tensions(in semi-urban and rural areas) at an all-time high. And most of us believe chief in thief @narendramodi is the best option in 2019?? How did we get here??


Well-known member
Great one !

This is what all of us predicted (including top economists and many many people within the govt) when demo and GST was introduced. The economy is sliding down dangerously and the govt is clueless on how to recover from it.

And people get very upset with the india Venezuela comparison !!


Well-known member
3 pictures from today’s papers that sum up the 5 year economic performance under Modi. 1: No pickup in real manufacturing activity. Only slogans (Make in India), logos & events were manufactured 2: Large number of homes unsold 3: Hence, no jobs even for educated & skilled youth



Well-known member
அதீத தேச பகிதியால் விளைந்த குழப்பம்! - That is why we say Bhakts are pig skulled idiots



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even they are so called advocates......this is the result of education in reservation....lol


Well-known member
Anil Ambani has been declared a proclaimed offender in a 500 crore Rupee loan default case by the Supreme Court! And this loan defaulting criminal has been awarded the 'Rafale scam' contract by Modi! Wow! Modi fights(for) corruption


Well-known member
LOL. I laughed for 20 mins straight !! As they say in Kung fu movies, our "skills are unmatched" !! :)-

Social media and elections are a deadly cocktail combination and our Indians are proving to be the masters in this game !!!