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Mix - Kanjadalayatakshi kamakshi- Mambalam sisters

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Mix - Kanjadalayatakshi kamakshi- Mambalam sisters


Album :devi kritis mambalam sisters
Ragam :manOhari (kamalAmanOhari)
Thalam :Adi
Composer:muthuswamy deekshitar

kunjaragamanE maNimaNDita manjulacaraNE mAmavashiva panjarashuki
pankajamukhi guruguha ranjani niranjani duritabhanjani

Caranam :
rAkAshashivadanE suradanE rakshitamadanE ratnasadanE
shrIkAncinavasanE surasanE shrngArAshraya mandahasanE EkAnEkAkshari
bhuavnEshvari EkAnandAmrtajhAri bhAsvari EkAgramanOlayakari shrIkari
EkAmrEshagrhEshvari shankari

One who restored cupid by a mere glance! One whose eyes are like
lotus petals! Dear friend of Lakshmi! Most beautiful in the three
worlds! Possessing a majestic gait akin to an elephant! Possessing
feet which are bejeweled with bells! Protect me O parrot that resides
in the cage called Shiva! Lotus faced mother of Subrahmanya!
Unblemished one! Destroyer of affliction! Possessing a face akin to
an autumnal full moon! Possessing lovely teeth! Protector of Cupid!
Residing in a pavilion of gems! Enshrined in Kanchi (Alternative
sAhitya of shri kAncana vasanE- wearing golden raiment)! Possessing a
good voice! Possessing a gentle, lovely smile! Embodied as one
syllable and in many syllables! Queen of the universe! Effulgent
stream of that nectar that is the one and only bliss! Giver of
liberation to those who meditate with no other thought! Creator of
wealth! Queen of Lord Ekamreshvara's household! Creator of all that
is auspicious!
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