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Member Introductions [Archive]

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Swagatham. I am son of Late N.R. Venkatasubramanian and popularly called by everyone as VR( the first name is Ramachandran), I hail from Needamangalam village in old Tanjore district. Living in Chennai for last 50 years. We are smarthas( Vadama) and followers of Shanmada worship. My belief in Vedas is deep. I take sincere efforts to practice Rishi Patanjali’s Ashtanga yoga, at least the first three. Though Tamil is my mother tongue and only language my departed mother could understand, my personal preference is to limit its use for day to day living only. In every aspect of life, I prefer to deal with our community members as for as possible.

I feel practice of deep meditation gives internal energy and silent chanting of mantras is my preference. Daily pranayama and sloka chanting and monthly silence on Moolam star day I consider are as essential as sattvic food for my livelihood through training and consulting. I am a strong believer in Varna Dharma- i,.e. will not do any profession other than teaching and training to make a living. Ideal food is Jain food and since sadhus and a number of good souls visit and stay in my house, I would like to be as clean in mind, body and heart as possible.

The street Ganapathy, guarding our flat in West C.I.T Nagar is unique. He ensures that pitrus come every day in the morning and be satisfied with our offerings and rest peacefully in the night in the Aswatha/Neem tree combination near gate. He also makes sure that I visit a Shiva temple very Monday.

I like visiting temples and most of the holy ones in India I hope I have covered. Last month a friend took me to 36 Shiva temples,in the northern Kaveri banks. These are sung in praise by the 4 key Nayanmars. We are planning to visit next week another 30 near Thiruvarur / Kumbakonam belt. As the God wills life moves “ “Siththam pokku Sivam pokku”.

I have very little belief in rituals, except bathing in all rivers in India and deep meditation. And Deivathin Kural of Paramacharya is the bible I follow. I profusely thank God that I lived in his period and could talk to him like a good friend. Feeding and tending cows and poor Brahmins, I think are the greatest deeds one can do in this life. My Guru is a staunch Vaishnavite and sectarian divisions are something I dislike, though sampradayas could differ. In a lighter vein, filter coffee, Vethalai pakku, seeval and Thyagarya Krithi are also part of Sampradaya- True Tanjore style.

Due to the good karmas of my ancestors I also studied in IIT and IIM.

Hari Om
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