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Media Bias - Total and Absolute Desperation to give clean chit on the Rafale Deal !!!

First question to moderators and the group admins: Is it OK to use this forum as a political platform to spread one's agenda?

If so, here I am too...
My dear Bandhus, Please don't fall prey to these people who invent lie after lie and commit the same grave mistake that we committed in 2004!
I am a Statistician and the common saying is " There are lies, more lies and then statistics!". We can spin any numbers to whatever you want to hear. You can keep saying the same lie over and over again that the common man starts to wonder. This is the trick played by all news media across the globe! And I know a thing or two about TRP and Rating. (I have been in that industry for more than 20 years!)

There are so many arguments put forward by the accusers that are bogus.
1. Company is not a human. The experts who are in the company are. What stops one from hiring experts and start a company? Why should Anil Ambani not hire the experts? Gone are the days where one had to have experience in building something. All we need today are risk takers, we can hire the experts from any company, any field. Forget the legacies. Even I can start a defense company, get the funds and bid. Why should I be stopped?
If you argue that Reliance telcom is in doldrums, where is Tata Telcom? In history books? It is ok for companies to fail. Stats state that more than 93% of all silicon valley startups do not exist after 5 years where more than 80% of the fold and the remaing either get acquired or change tracks. So, failure and success are very common in business!
I am also a Tata alumni and I know for sure how TISCO survived. Two major reasons and one minor reason - a. License Raj b."fixed" trade unions and c. If you are visiting Jamshedpur to inspect, where will you stay, where will you eat? Of course at the Tata Guesthouse! Case rested! I am not saying that they did nothing. It was good even 25 years back, not anymore in this open world!

2. I have a AI in Agri company. I am not an Agronomist. I need not be one. I can get Agronomists on the rolls. Thats all!
As far as Ambani's company is concerned, the design and specs are going to be given by Rafale, as it has to fit that aircraft, so, the major area where expertise is needed is in "Testing" and "Quality Assurance". He can always hire experts to design the test specs and later it is all "process".

3. Am I saying that BJP is not at all corrupt? No, Not at all! But, It is way way better than the alternative. The corruption is loaded in the common man, but the change has to come from top down. We need a clean leader who has a vision at the top, not some pappu who does not even know how to follow etiquette at a funeral. If Modi continues for at least one more period and someone like Piyush Goyal follow him, that will end "Politics as a profitable profession!" and all these dummies will quit. If you can follow Kannada, please watch this video:
Full disclosure: My parents were both congress leaders under Kamaraj and it was he who gave me my name! But I have seen the hipocacy of the liberals and socialists! If socialism is the solution, then Cuba and Venezuela should be richest countries and Jack Ma should not be the richest person in China! And Liberatards only preach others, whereas their families are all religious! And "The Hindu"... best not comment on that filth - ask Chitra Subramaniam about Bofors reporting...

So, my dear Bandhus, please open your eyes and ears and find the truth! Please don't commit the same mistake we committed in 2004!
LOL. So much for the media bias charges by the right wingers.

Hilarious to see the various anchors in total and absolute desperation to give a clean chit for the govt. I mean the media is supposed to question and hold the govt feet to fire.

On the other hand, they are deperate to give a clean chit. They are shocked that Rahul and opposition are unable to understand that no one should question this govt. I mean we can question all other govts in india and the world but not the current govt. LOL.

They are furious and upset with N Ram who is a world leader in journalism going on a spree of revelations on the rafale deal. Now his analysis are always well researched and verified.

For people like me who are NOT wedded to any ideology and party, it is crazy interesting times. And with N Ram and others saying, more to come, all of us are waiting to hear more on this subject !!
I think no other government has been criticised and asked questions of as this government has been. Rahul's and other opposition I think are the desperate parties as they have been unable to find anything worthwhile to hang on this government.

As far as the observation on N.Ram being a world leader in journalism, I think is a joke. Gone are days when The Hindu was a fearless newspaper. Today except for the sports column nothing in the paper is worth reading. Incidentally I have been and still reading The Hindu for the last 50 years.


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Rafale review hearing:If CBI probe is directed now, damage done to country will be immense, says AG to SC
AG makes a plea for not having an investigation now in national interest.
  • Mar 6, 2019, 12:49 PM IST
The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard review petitions over its earlier verdict on the Rafale deal. The court, in its verdict, had refused to order a probe into the deal on the procurement of 36 Rafale jets from France.
A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and comprising Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice KM Joseph heard the review petition. The matter has now been adjourned till March 14.
The government on Wednesday told the Supreme Court that documents related to the Rafale aircraft deal have been stolen from the Defence Ministry and threatened The Hindu newspaper with the Official Secrets Act for publishing articles based on them.
Those who put documents on the Rafale deal in the public domain are guilty under the Official Secrets Act and contempt of court, Attorney General K K Venugopal said before a three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi.

An investigation into the theft is on, the attorney general said on a day the newspaper published another article on the fighter jet deal.The bench, also including Justices S K Kaul and K M Joseph, was hearing a batch of petitions seeking a review of its December 14 verdict dismissing all the pleas against the deal procured by India from France.

Former Union ministers Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie and advocate Prashant Bhushan, who had jointly filed a petition, alleged that the Centre suppressed crucial facts when the apex court decided to dismiss the batch of PILs against the Rafale deal in December.

When Bhushan referred to an article written by senior journalist N Ram in The Hindu, Venugopal said the write-ups were based on stolen documents.

An FIR has not been registered so far into the theft of documents pertaining to Rafale deal, he added.
The attorney general also told the Supreme Court that the Rafale case pertains to defence procurement which cannot be reviewed judicially.

Referring to the aerial combat with Pakistan last week, he said the country needs the Rafale jet to defend itself "from F-16 fighter planes that recently bombed us".

"Without Rafale how can we resist them," he said, adding that two squadrons of Rafale fighter jets are coming in flyaway condition. The first one will be in September this year, Venugopal said.
With PTI inputs
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SC in the beginning said it won't look into any supplementary affidavits or other documents not filed before it.

Prashant Bhushan said in his plea that he has not asked for scrapping the deal but wants a court-monitored probe into it. He said that in that aspect, his prayer is different from other petitioners and should be separately dealt with. Bhushan said that the SC gave its judgment based on documents provided in sealed envelops by Centre which had several factual errors.

Critical facts on Rafale suppressed when petition for lodging FIR and investigation was filed, alleged Bhushan. He said that SC would not have dismissed plea for FIR and probe into Rafale deal had there not been suppression of facts.

AG objected to notes referred to by Bhushan saying that they are stolen from Defence Ministry. CJI said hearing advocate Prashant Bhushan does not mean SC taking on record documents on Rafale deal. CJI asked AG to tell after lunch what action has been taken on theft of documents on Rafale deal.

AG sought dismissal of Rafale review petition and perjury application as they 'relied on stolen documents'. AG said today's 'The Hindu' report on Rafale amounts to influencing hearing in SC and is itself a contempt of court.

In hearing after lunch, AG said,"We need Rafale jet to defend our country from F-16 fighter planes that recently bombed us. Without Rafale how can we resist them?" When asked what has the government done on theft in Defence Ministry, AG said, "FIR has not been registered so far into the theft of documents pertaining to Rafale deal

AG told SC that the Rafale case pertains to defence procurement which cannot be reviewed judicially". He also said that court's statement on Rafale may be used to destabilise either govt or opposition, so it should refrain from making it:

SC asked AG about why the documents can't be used if it is critical to the case. AG said that since there is a matter of criminality regarding the documents, it would be prudent for SC to exercise restraint. After intense debate, SC said that it would hear Bhushan's argument without those papers. Bhushan said even without the documents, the case holds as he has given source for most of the other documents. Bhushan alleged that the government gave wrong facts to SC and later said that the judges have misread it.
Finally the hearing was adjourned for the day.

If the document existed:

Then it was suppressed from SC.
If the document did not exist then how can it be stolen?


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Documents related to the Rafale deal were published in public interest and nobody would get any information from The Hindu newspaper on the confidential sources who provided them, The Hindu Publishing Group Chairman N Ram said on Wednesday.

The documents were published because details were withheld or covered up, the veteran journalist said as the government told the Supreme Court that documents related to the Rafale aircraft deal have been stolen from the Defence Ministry and an investigation into the theft is on.

"You may call it stolen documents...we are not concerned. We got it from confidential sources and we are committed to protecting these sources. Nobody is going to get any information from us on these sources. But the documents speak for themselves and the stories speak for themselves," Ram said.

On February 8, Ram wrote in The Hindu that the Defence ministry raised strong objections to "parallel discussions" conducted by the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) during the negotiations over the Rs 59,000 crore Rafale deal between India and France.
It was allegedly based on government documents related to Rafale deal.

"What we have done is completely protected under article 19 (1) (a) of the Indian constitution - freedom of speech and expression - and also under the relevant sections of the Right to Information Act, specifically, its section 8 (1) (i) and section 8 (2), which clearly protects this," Ram said.



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The Editors Guild of India on Thursday condemned the Attorney General’s comments before the Supreme Court pertaining to “stolen” documents on the Rafale deal, and said the media would not be intimidated.
“Any attempt to use the Official Secrets Act against the media is as reprehensible as asking the journalists to disclose their sources,” the guild said in a statement after the government threatened action.
The Hindu had last month published several articles on the Rafale deal, including a report that PMO-led parallel negotiations had undermined the Indian Negotiating Team and defence ministry’s talks with the French government.

N. Ram, the publication group’s chairman, said they did not steal any documents and reiterated their commitment to protecting their sources.

“We did not steal the documents from the Ministry of Defence, we got them from confidential sources and no force on earth can make me or us reveal the source of the documents, because we have given our word,” he said in a statement in The Hindu.

Attorney General K.K. Venugopal on Wednesday sought dismissal of a petition for a review of the apex court’s earlier judgment, giving the government a clean chit, on the grounds that the fresh petition had relied on documents that were “stolen” from the defence ministry. The government also said investigations were ongoing to ascertain if it was a crime and violative of the Official Secrets Act.

Venugopal later clarified that the no action would not be taken against journalists or lawyers who used these documents.

The Editors Guild said such threats will “intimidate the media in general and curb its freedom” to report and comment on the Rafale deal, and called on the government to not undermine the media’s freedom and independence.



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Two days after he created a stir with the claims that the Defence Ministry papers published in the media in connection with the Rafale deal were stolen, Attorney General KK Venugopal on Friday claimed that they were not stolen, but the petitioners used photocopies.

K K Venugopal claimed the Rafale documents were not stolen from the ministry and that what he meant in his submission before the Supreme Court was that petitioners in the application used "photocopies of the original" papers. These papers are deemed secret documents by the government, reported PTI.

His comments in the apex court on Wednesday that Rafale fighter jet deal documents were stolen caused a political row, with Congress president Rahul Gandhi targeting the government over the theft of such sensitive papers.

Gandhi even coined a new slogan for the election campaign against BJP -- "gayab ho gaya" -- which is a jibe at the Modi government.

"I am told that the opposition has alleged what was argued (in SC) was that files had been stolen from the Defence Ministry. This is wholly incorrect. The statement that files have been stolen is wholly incorrect," KK Venugopal told PTI, in an apparent damage-control exercise.

Venugopal said the application filed by Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie and Prashant Bhushant, seeking from the court a review of its verdict dismissing pleas for a probe into against the Rafale deal, had annexed three documents which were photocopies of the original.

Official sources said the AG's use of word stolen was probably "stronger" and could have been avoided.
The government had also warned The Hindu newspapers with a case under Official Secrets Act for publishing articles based on these documents.



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Rafale is an open and shut case of corruption. If X is the purchasing guy on behalf of the public's money, he simply cannot give any contract to his close bankrupt friend,

In no company will they allow such decisions to go through !! Here we have endlessly convoluted this to confuse the people ! Now we have the stolen document case...lol


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Rafale deal reports: Is the media finally doing its job? Rafale deal reports:

When a government can boast, years into its rule, that none of its ministers has had to face a corruption case, it can mean one of two things: that the country is led by an exemplarily incorruptible set of politicians; or that the country is populated by inept journalists.

Good investigative journalism should dig out information that the government hopes to hide.

When The Hindu accessed government documents and published a series of stories that suggested the Rafale deal was not quite all it was cracked up to be, written by the group’s chairperson N Ram, the Centre initially dismissed the reports.

Now, the government has accused The Hindu of “stealing” documents from the Ministry of Defence and has warned that it could use the Official Secret Act, 1923, against the newspaper.

The arguments presented by the government to the Supreme Court – which is currently hearing a series of review petitions regarding its December 2018 verdict that there was no need for a Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry into the Rafale deal – appear to acknowledge three things: one, that the report is authentic; two, that it has failed to protect at least one “official secret”; three, that it is willing to use an act enforced by a paranoid colonial power under threat of losing its dominion, in order to gag the press.

N Ram has contended that Article 19 (1) of the Constitution, which grants citizens the right to freedom of expression, and Sections 8 (1) and (2) of the Right to Information Act, protect his publication.

One would think the reports had endangered the security of the country.

What they have in fact pointed out in the series, with evidence, in that the government bypassed mandated procedures, causing a 41 per cent hike in the price; that the government did away with bank guarantees and waived anti-corruption clauses; that parallel negotiations conducted by the prime minister’s office in 2015 and by the national security advisor Ajit Doval in 2016 had prompted the Ministry of Defence to object, citing that this would weaken the position of the Indian Negotiating Team; that the Indian side’s acceptance of pricing based on an escalation formula instead of a fixed benchmark price cost the exchequer 55.6 per cent more; that the delivery schedules were not met, among other things.

Does the government believe, then, that it is an “official secret” that taxpayers’ money is being unnecessarily lost? If this is the case, does the government not worry that it couldn’t guard this “secret”, even knowing that there have been demands for information on the deal both from the Parliament and the public?

The petitioners have charged that government officials supplied erroneous facts during the Supreme Court’s hearing of the initial case – an extremely serious accusation.

Read more at: http://www.sify.com/news/rafale-deal-reports-is-the-media-finally-doing-its-job-news-columns-tdlkHacjbddia.html


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And despite such media bias or media gagged in favour of right wing, it is hilarious to see the right wing crying about media bias !!

And they are upset with N Ram with limited circulation of the Hindu, writing about these issues, !!

If this govt still loses the election, then I am going to salute the intelligence and independent thinking of the so called less or uneducated ordinary voters - farmers, small traders, etc..


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Please read this. This indicates the evidences posted in Hindu is done with ulterior motive by doctoring the documents. I think we should not be carried away with such doctored documents.

The Hindu not only cropped the Rafale dissent note, but also had digitally manipulated it https://www.opindia.com/2019/02/the-hindu-not-only-cropped-the-rafale-dissent-note-but-also-had-digitally-manipulated-it/
Parrikars note is not relevant to N Ram's report as it is his opinion not a fact. The fact that PMO conducted parallel negotiation and that defence ministry's negotiation team strongly objected to it is a slam dunk against the govt. others opinion does not matter to his story. Calling it as over reaction has no relevance.

N Ram proved that the govt did not follow standard operating procedure against claims to the contrary, and this is another superb investigative journalism from the stalwart !

I read the article on doctored document. First off, I don't agree with some unknown propaganda opindia compared N Ram's report...lol

Assuming it is true, it has no relevance as the article does NOT negate the central premise of parallel negotiations !!


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Please understand, on the basis of N Rams report alone, the Supreme Court should ideally pass severe adverse remarks on the govt !! And order a comprehensive investigation into the process and procedures violations.

This is why the govt is so worried, and is attacking N Ram with the official secrets act.

Due to the biased media, people are not realising the deep impact of N Rams report.


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If one is not open to opposing points of view, you cannot appreciate the superb work done by N Ram. And I am not a propagandist or a relative of N Ram to support him on emotions !!


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Even if this govt wins the election, severe adverse remarks and an investigation from Supreme Court will force this govt to step down, since PMO conducted parallel negotiations !!

This is why I said earlier, sorrounding oneself from with a coterie is very dangerous and thier actions Dan pull the entire govt down !!

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