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Max Muller - Aryan Dravidian theory - Lets debunk this once and for all.

Max Muller - Aryan Dravidian theory - Lets debunk this once and for all.

Let's go with the accepted theory by Max Muller and analyse this.

Aryans descended from some Caucasian mountains and pushed the Dravidians to south of india. In this process they adopted Dravidian dark skinned gods but they brought the Sanskrit language and wrote the entire literature. All our Puranas Vedas and Upanishads etc,,, we're all aryan contribution and Dravidians just watched through the ages.. LoL

Due to Mughal invasion the language got pushed to south and only retains here. In the north, it was lost due to long occupation of the Mughals,

Let's accept this Aryan migration theory ( though there is no written evidence to support this) and analyse if this holds water.

1. If the Aryans came from Europe why the hell does Sanskrit have a Dravidian construct and sound like Tamil ??

2. If the aryans came from Europe why they did not bring their script ?? Why is Sanskrit inscribed in all our south india and south east Asia temples in Tamil Pallava grantha script ??

3. Not a single Sanskrit inscription is written in any European script.. Neither in Ancient Greek or Latin or old German. Sanskrit is not found anywhere in Europe till date,

4. Why the hell for god sake a conquering Aryan race subjugate themselves to dark skinned gods ?? I mean where have you ever heard that the conquering race worships the gods of the fallen ??? What a cooked up theory is this ??

5. Most of our gods are described as dark skinned. Shiva has matted hairs like the Africans, Rama and Krishna are dark skinned, Vishnu is dark skinned, Murugan/ Suramanyan is dark skinned, Ayyappan is dark skinned etc.

6. Why the hell would proud Tamil kings across generations write Aryan Ramayana in Aryan German Sanskrit language but in Tamil grantha script on our temples unless it is their language, their culture, their stories ??? That too when a so called Aryan Rama defeats and kills their own Tamil brother King Ravana ???

7. And why the hell will our Tamil kings glorify the so called Aryan Rama killing Tamil Ravana via the Ramayana on all their victory temples and towers that too in distant south East Asian countries??

8. As I said earlier it is like saying lets us Dravidians today conquer another country and write/ glorify our "defeats....lol" in Tamil script but in Aryan German language? How bizarre is this ?? LoL I mean we are all so enthralled about the Aryan Germans, we will glorify their kings defeating our Tamil kings...lol

9. How the hell can our ancient Tamils write similar stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata in Tamil written inscriptions ?? War between Tamil King Narasimhavarman vs Kannada King Pulekeshi II mirrors Ramayana. Similarly the war between Pandian King vs kurunadu in keralam where he defeats 100 local chieftains mirrors Mahabharata.

10. Why all the customs of Ramayana and Mahabharata are found only in south india. ?? Cross cousin marriages are found only in south. Mahabharata has both Krishna, Arjuna and many others marrying cross cousins like Tamils and South Indians do even today.

11. Bharatanatyam - dance of the gods - described in Ramayana and Mahabharata is found only in south. Similarly Carnatic music is found only in south.

12. Before Tamil Brahmins adopted Bharatanatyam post independence it was practiced only by dark skinned South Indian Dravidian adivasis !! How can Tamil Dravidians practice Aryan dance forms ???

13. How the hell can a local Dravidian girl named Sivakami copy Aryan story and write the sivakamiyan sapatham that too in Tamil where she writes a story exactly like that of the Aryan Sita without taking permission from great Aryan max muller..lol?? She writes that she was kidnapped and her paramour lover King Narasimhavarman will come and rescue her??

14. How the hell can ancient Tamils write about this Ramayana like war in Tamil and Kannada inscriptions,?? I mean how can they write without taking permissions form the great Aryan German max muller ??? LOL

15. How can the ancient Tamils write in Tamil about the kurunadu war where Pandian King ( Aryan Pandava) defeats 100 princes, ?? What do we do with that?? Push it under the carpet... Lol

16. How the hell could the ancient Tamils write Aryan stories on the walls of south east Asia temples ?? That too without telling Aryan max muller ?? Oh there was no telephone or Skype to tell max muller of this, lol

17. Why the hell all the authors claim to be dark skinned?? Valmiki is dark skinned as per the Ramayana. Vyasa is dark skinned as per Mahabharata. Adi Shankara says he is son of Dravida. Agastya is known as Dark skinned in all texts both Sanskrit and Tamil. The entire Aryan migration theory stands on so called White skinned race talking and writing in Sanskrit. Not only the gods but even the authors are dark skinned.

18. Why only Sanskrit is claimed to be originated outside of south india when English is known to originate in England, French in France, German in Germany ?? Sanskrit was found only in south india and south east Asia where Tamils ruled as per Nehru himself.

19. Why are most south Brahmins dark skinned if they are supposed to be aryans ?? Or is it that south Brahmins are a subset of the dark skinned Dravidians ??

20. How the hell can Tamils establish ayuttya in south east Asia and rule from there similar to Aryan Ayodhya ?? How the hell can they establish ayothiapattinam in Tamil Nadu ?? How the hell can they establish gangavadi in south Karnataka and call themselves as Aryan Ganga kings on local Kannada inscriptions ??? All the cities and towns in Ramayana and Mahabharata are found in south india - how the hell can Dravidians copy the Aryan German names cities and towns ??

So were the ancient Dravidian Tamils copying all the aryan stories and committing sacrilege without great Aryan max mullers permission ?? Lol


Oh my god - did the great Aryan max muller copy and claimed the Tamil stories as though coming from the great Aryan race ???


Could it be that the Tamils were writing legends of their own kings and victories ?? In the Ramayana and Mahabharata??


Could it be that Tamil and Sanskrit are sister languages and that's why Tamil kings write about their kings, their victories and their legends in Sanskrit in Tamil Grantham script ???

Oh god so the shocker the Tamils and Dravidians are the true aryans described in Sanskrit literature. Both Ramayana and Mahabharata are the legends and stories of Aryan people as per their texts.

Oh God...It cannot be...how can we defy the great Aryan German crook max muller ?? Lol.

Folks, as you can see the entire Sanskrit literature is undoubtedly South Indian Dravidian culture and that's why it is preserved only in south india and south east Asia.

All Tamils Dravidians should embrace Sanskrit and its literature and culture because it is our culture, our stories, the legends of our ancestors. We Tamil Brahmins were just the custodians of this culture and part of the Tamil Dravidian people. !!!

in the fight against casteism Tamils Dravidians should not lose their own culture and traditions coming down th ages. If all Tamils/ Dravidians learn Sanskrit which is their own language then casteism will vanish on its own.
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