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Maha Mrityunjay Mantra

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Maha Mrityunjay Mantra

Words cannot express the power of this mantra. It connects to extremely high vibration of Lord Shiva bringing in clarity, health and well-being like nothing else.

The great mantra dedicated to Shiva as Mrityunjaya is found in the Rig Veda.

Meaning of Maha Mrityunjay mantra:

The literal meaning of the mantra is as follows: “We worship the three-eyed one (Lord Shiva) who is fragrant (in a state of supreme bliss), and who sustains all living beings. May he liberate us from (the eternal cycle of birth and) death. May he lead us to immortality, just as the cucumber is released from its bondage (the vine to which it is attached).”

Like an arrow which is unwavering, pour every ounce of attention into the mantra as though it were both your first and your last moment – if such a fire of attention is there, then the mantra becomes like a doorway to the realization of your own true nature. Test this mantra after 20 minutes of normal meditation. You might arrive to bliss that is out of this world.


Maha Mrityunjay Mantra

Om Tryambhakam Yajāmahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvārukamiva Bandhanān
Mrityor Mukshīya Mā Amritāt

Significance of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

This mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva for warding off untimely death. Whereas the Gayatri Mantra is meant for purification and spiritual guidance, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is meant for healing rejuvenation and nurturance.

Devotees strongly believe that proper recitation of the Maha Mrityunjaya rejuvenates, bestows health, wealth, long life, peace, prosperity and contentment. It is said that chanting of Shiva Mantra generates divine vibrations that ward off all the negative and evil forces and creates a powerful protective shield. Besides, it is said to protect the one who chants against accidents and misfortunes of every kind.

Recitation of the mantra creates vibration that pulsates through every cell, every molecule of human body and tears away the veil of ignorance. Hindus believe that recitation of the mantra ignites a fire within that consumes all negativity and purifies entire system. It is also said to have a strong healing power and can cure diseases declared incurable even by the doctors.

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