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Looking for support

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Life is a dream
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I was informed about this by a known friend. Details at this point are very little and what is posted below. As soon as i have more information i will update this topic.
Posting it as sent to me.

Just came to know that a neighbour died in an accident. He was in vaideegam (iyer) and has one girl and one boy child. Both are less than 5 yrs old. Wife of deceased is not well qualified. Her maternal and in laws are not financially strong. Though immediate financial support is required, in the long term looking for any trust/ngo who can adopt this family on a sustainable basis. She is willing to work within her ability.
If you are willing to help, please post here or send me a message. I will provide you with any information that i get.

Kindly use your discretion and do your homework before providing any assistance.


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hi praveen,

sorry to hear...somebody ready to help from bangalore..which was posted earlier in our forum....if u can ...tell them to get

some assistance through KIT...kerala iyer trust....


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please apply to kerala iyers trust. they can meet any immediate amount needs. and will definitely give a hand in due course for education of the children.
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