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London schoolgirls score higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking

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Who said girls have lesser IQ than boys?

[h=1]London schoolgirls score higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking[/h] 'It's overwhelming to be compared with the likes of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.'

Two 11-year-old girls have achieved the maximum IQ test results possible, 162 out of 162.
Indian-born London schoolgirls, Kashmea Wahi and Anushka Binoy, both took the supervised Cattell III B Mensa test.
For context, Albert Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawkings are thought to have an IQ of 160.
Kashmea, who was born in Mumbai, told India Today: "It's overwhelming to be compared with the likes of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein; the comparison is implausible and I believe it would take loads of achievements for anyone like myself to be able to get into the league of such legends.
"Anyway, I am buzzing with excitement."
[h=2]Anushka Binoy told the BBC: "When I walked into the exam hall, I was flabbergasted.[/h]
"I mean, the room was full of grown-ups and I felt very nervous. But when I started the exam, I found it easier."
The Cattell III B Mensa test has 150 questions which includes the assesment of how applicants comprehend passages of text.
It can only be taken people over the age of ten and a half.
Kashmea took the test to prove to her parents she didn't need to be reading books for hours on end.
In the future, Anushka doesn't know whether she would like to be a doctor or pursue writing as a career.

IQ alone is not enough to be successful.

If used for the right causes , it will benefit them.

Else high IQ may be a nuisance putting of people away from them
Having IQ alone is not enough.

Look at this member who without.... possesses expertise to guide those who have more IQ.lol
I wonder how accurate these IQ test are?

I have done some IQ tests before and its so irritatingly boring that midway one just does not feel like continuing these test.

I feel these test are for those with real long attention span....now does a real long attention span spell a high IQ?

No one really knows..BTW Marilyn Monroe supposedly had an IQ higher than Einstein.

Coming to the practicality of having a high IQ sometimes I feel its not really a boon..its bane cos most so called High IQ individuals or those who claim to have high IQ tend to be eccentric and never fit in society and usually land up on the wrong side of the law.

Out here once there was girl with very high IQ who got into some prestigious college in UK at a very young age and by the time she reached early adulthood she became a call girl!

She was brilliant no doubt but could not manage the stress of being in an adult's world too soon.

There is too much pressure on those with high IQ to excel in life..so they totally break down.I wont be surprised if some ISIS members too have IQs higher than even Stephen Hawkings.

Too much of anything is never good.
IQ is little bit an abstract and subjective term. We could not compare the IQ of one person with that of others of the previous generation.
One thing could be accepted that in the present generation, girls are having high level of IQ.
IQ Score Classification

145 and over ……..Genius ****
120–144 ……..Exceptional
110–119……………High Average
90–109……………..Average or Normal
80–89 …………….Dull Normal
70–79 …………..Mild disability
50–69 ………… Moderate disability
20–49 ……….. Severe disability
Below 20 … ……..Profound disability

**** A genius could not be compared with another genius;
so also one average / disabled with the other one of the same category.
One thing could be accepted that in the present generation, girls are having high level of IQ.

May be the ratio of male to female in terms of IQ has always been somewhat the same even in the past..its just that females in the past did not have much access to education.I wouldnt be surprised that the ratio of females having a higher IQ than males has been there since creation.

Its only logical cos a female bears a child in utero for 40 weeks and the thoughts of a mother does affect the well being of a child.

So the IQ of the female has to be a little higher than a male at least in some areas to make sure continuation of species with an IQ suitable for survival of the particular tribe.

These days the police canine Units use mostly female dogs..even bomb squad tend to use more female sniffer dogs cos they learn faster and take instructions and are easier to control than the male dogs.

I feel the presence of "active" testosterone in males has a slight dampening effect on overall IQ.

We seldom find a womanizing male to have an exceptional IQ..but on the other hand most males with an exceptionally high IQ seldom stay happily married/unmarried or they are totally not interested in females and sexual relationships. They are males no doubt but they do not "think" with their testosterone unlike other males that are hormonal driven.

A "feminized" brain is the higher IQ one!

So we females should never try to be "masculine" in anyway..cos that would spell a lower IQ..bring out the high heels and lipsticks!LOL
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There are grave doubts on where brains of women reside.

We admire women for their looks not brains.

Success goes to women who are dumb dolls not those with IQ of einstein or hawking
Let us see the score distribution!

Score Distribution of Stanford–Binet 1937 Standardization Group
IQ Range ("ratio IQ")Percent of Group
In the list of 26 smartest women there is an Indian one also

Vinodini Vasudevan ..

She is now 30 years old

Vinodhini Vasudevan
● Read 100 books the summer she was 5 (Ѻ); mastered college algebra at age 8; at age 12 set record by becoming the youngest person to score a perfect 1,600 (800 on math, 800 on verbal) on the SAT (Ѻ), correlates to IQ 165 (Ѻ); could be age ratioed higher (e.g. (18/12)*165=247?; in 2007, at age 21, graduated from MIT with a BS in electrical engineering with a minor in biomedical engineering (Ѻ).
Vagne ji
If we analyse the data furnished by Score Distribution of Stanford–Binet 1937 Standardization Group, as furnished by you in your post it is almost true in real life.

Out of the 14 groups to which the entire population is distributed, the middle four groups forms the majority (the sum is 79.1)

From this it is evident that almost 79% of the population is in the categories of just above average, normal average, normal , dull normal.

4 % are in the exceptional / extraordinary.

8% are in the high average group.

8.5 % are dull and below.

Only 0.5% are genius

There are grave doubts on where brains of women reside.

We admire women for their looks not brains.

Success goes to women who are dumb dolls not those with IQ of einstein or hawking

We women have figured out very well where a male's brain resides.

Don't ask me where...I would be banned if I were to type it!LOL(I told you we have higher IQs...you guys can never ever understand a female's mind till today)

Ok the truth is..we females too admire a male for his brawn..his looks..his biceps..his pectorals..his abds..his god knows what else..but we know that behind the facade of strength is a very fragile ego..so we females stroke the egos of males by calling them intelligent!LOL

BTW the truly intelligent female..never really works very hard..she makes guys do the work for her.What else are brains for? To enslave others!LOL
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