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Listen Up, Bureaucrats, the Time for Bhakti is Over


Well-known member
As and when the obituary of the Modi regime gets written, future historians will have reason to register their disappointment that so distinguished a legal mind as K.K. Venugopal should have made himself available for the defence of a questionable defence deal.

He is, after all, Attorney-General of India – a constitutional office positioned over and above the petty interests of the political crowd.

Those who preside over institutions like the Supreme Court of India, the Election Commission, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, the AG, do have an obligation, even in most of normal times, to ensure a minimum of constitutional fairness, as well as staying outside the politicians’ squabbles; this obligation becomes a duty the moment national polls season begins.

As the designated custodians of republican practices and protocols, these institutions have a sacred duty to ensure that the model code of conduct is honoured both in letter and spirit. In other words, they must see to it that there is a level playing field for all.



Well-known member
Especially these past five years, all organs of the Indian state have been made to bend at the knee to a haughty and arrogant prime minister. Very many bureaucrats, judges, police officers, generals and admirals have allowed themselves to be taken in by the narrative woven around the prime minister and have, in the process, forgotten that we remain a republic of laws.

Now that the code of conduct has kicked in, it is time for every official, high or low, to remember that the Constitution of India is not a thuggish arrangement, to be manipulated by devious politicians.
The 21st century obsession with terrorism has eroded the constitutional restraint and fairness needed in the exercise of the coercive powers of the state. We in India have manufactured a new infatuation with strong leaders; the judiciary has slackened its vigilance against the over-bearing policeman, chanting the ‘national security’ mantra; bureaucrats have happily given in to the prime ministerial overlordism.

Yet the custodians of republican virtues and values need to remain unsentimentally clear-headed: impatience with the messiness of democracy cannot be allowed to become a reason to tilt the scales in favour of any authoritarian selling the virtues of a mazboot sarkar.


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