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kula sabbam

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A skeptic's solution:
Lose faith in the ability of the curse to cause harm. Curses work on your imagination since no one genuinely has the ability to place one. Curses only work when you believe in them. Stop believing the curse can affect your life and it loses power over you.

Although many people are running around each day carrying family curses – let’s not lose sight of the fact that a lot of curses are self-imposed or self-inflicted. Without even realizing it, you start cursing yourself. You start telling yourself you’re too fat, too stupid, no good with money, no good in relationships, too ugly, too old and so on. And these self-inflicted words not only become YOUR reality, but they may also get passed on to others in your family. Other self-inflicted curses arrive after you do something you regret. Call it Karma if you will, but what goes around really does come around – in more ways than one.
Always remember, self-imposed or not, a curse is a curse and a blessing is a blessing.

Curses do work. It depends upon how passionately they were delivered and who delivered it. It had to be delivered in person. The recipient should have some doubt and some guilty feelings about the subject addressed in that curse. Then the mind of the recepient starts working negatively. His/her own mind power brings the downfall for them. Initially due to mind power, small things go wrong. When that person starts panicking, the whole thing develops in a snowball effect and important decisions gets affected. That's how a curse works.

Remedy - Always have pleasant thoughts and positive thoughts in the mind. If something wrong was commited to someone else, kindly remember it can't be taken back. Nothing comes back to normal. So, it is meaning less even to try for that. If commited a mistake, sincerely seek an apology, express your regrets and if possible, pay damages and leave it at that. If the other person refuses to accept your apology, refuses to get back to the stage prior to the event, then it is not your fault. As long as you keep your mind at peace, no curse would affect you. The whole thing is the power of your own mind. Always think positive, think pleasant and be cheerful. Always remember - you are the most important person for yourself. Don't worry about the rest; but don't hurt others physically or psychologically deliberately.

People quite often talk of Sabam in families. I do not know whether you are talking
about the subject of curse either from the enemies or from the God, owing to non-
performance of rituals to elders or due to non-vistiing Kula Deivam temples continuously
for many years or left unattended during your generation. In some house, it is noticed
that a true curse brings lot of unpalatable consequences like diseases, losses etc
continuously. Normally, it is told that such and such person has a bad tongue, etc.
In some cases, it is also noticed about the power of the tongue by a few. But one
must be careful in dealing with such people. The effect of spoken words is not
really understood from the point of its magnitude. Some symptoms of a generational
curse give effects of continued negative pattern. Normally one can notice symptoms of
generational curses like family illnesses that seem to continue from one person down to
the next like that. However, for all this, astrologers used to say, that one can do
pariharam for everything.

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